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The relationship between Top-Shop's business training and development programme and its management of performance is very strong. This is because the performance managements overseas the performance of trainee's in the training

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Task 5 - performance management and training development 1. The relationship between Top-Shop's business training and development programme and its management of performance is very strong. This is because the performance managements overseas the performance of trainee's in the training and development programmes. Training and development programme is a programme, which is set up by the business to improve the skills of the employees and hence improve their efficiency of work. Certain examples are apprenticeships, mentoring and so forth. Performance management is when the company of Top-Shop overseas the performance of trainee's in their training programmes, an example of this could be peer evaluations. As you can see they are very closely linked because performance reviews oversea the training and development programme. Because in order for the training to begin the company will have to check the performance of employees and this could be done by peer evaluation. Therefore the manager who is charge of doing this performance management will have a chat to the employee, to see how well he or she is doing by asking him or her questions and so on. This will be taken into account and compare their working stats against their expected results. Therefore if their results are lower then expected it would give Top-Shop the first sign that the employee might need some training, and therefore the manager will find out what was wrong and give the member of staff the training he or she needs in order for him or her to improve. All their negative points will be improved to positive points. Therefore all the information that the performance management have gathered will be given to the training and development sector, which they will decide on which training the employee might need by taking all things into account. Such as what the work the employee is doing, what skills he or she will require, what skills he or she can improve on and so forth. ...read more.


Therefore this company will set out a mission statement identifying the overreaching aims of the business. Given the aims and values, the business can now create objectives at every level within the company- right down to personal objectives for individual members. Therefore the performance management contributes positively to activities in the business because performance management helps employees work better and more efficiently in their job. This is because performance management makes a statement outlining the company's values, and a statement of the business's objectives. The business breaks this down further to the employees so that employees can help my business to meet its objectives and activities. This will improve the competitiveness of the business because individual objectives for employees will be set so that they meet it. E.g. the company will set out a goal for an accountant that could be to work out ways to cut down costs of the company and so forth. This will have improved the competitiveness of the business because every employee will be working in the same direction. Also all the staff will know what to do and when to complete their work in time. This should therefore make the business run effectively and smoothly which should produce more work from employees and increase sales of the business. Therefore performance management helps activities to be done more quickly and efficiently because the employees will be given tasks to do, which they will carry it out. Performance management also makes employees feel happy and more motivated at their job therefore they will be more efficient and effective. Also providing training and making the job environment in good condition. Which makes activities to be done more easily. 5. What do people at your company think about performance management? Does it have a really positive role or is it a way of the management 'checking up' on employees? Employees have different thoughts about the performance management schemes because some believe it's worthwhile, whiles others believe it's a waste of time. ...read more.


Efficiency of workers will fall Enjoy work Skills will be wasted Work harder The business will loose money Motivation is therefore very important to Top-Shop because well-motivated employees will increase the competitiveness of the business. This is due to the staff working harder, producing better quality of work and their quantity of work will increase as well. Due to these factors the sales of my business will increase substantially because staff members are working harder then our competitors employees. Customers will know this when they do their shopping at my business and therefore do their purchasing from my business more often. They might also tell their friends who would also come to my company therefore sales increase. Which should increase the profit of the business this could therefore be used to get better technology, train staff again and make them even better at their job. Or wages can be increased to make employees work harder and be satisfied in their job and to keep them at the company and that they wont leave for another business who might offer a better deal. Therefore if there are any unmotivated staffs at Top-Shop they should be identified quickly and be made happier especially if they are on of the best employees. This could be done by putting the employee in a group so they can talk to other employees therefore releasing their stress make friends so they know that members of staff like them. And that the employee doesn't' feel left out. This will make the member of staff feel happier and work with better motivation. Therefore if there are fewer employees who are unmotivated in Top-Shop then less money will be wasted because of their efficiency of work. Therefore the more motivated the workers are the better quality of work will be produce and the competitiveness of the business will increase and so will the profits of the business. ?? ?? ?? ?? Business Course work Mr Rahimimm Unit 4 Human Resources Charles Anorson 13w ...read more.

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