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The social setting that I will observe is BRORA, a cashmere clothing shop that operates every day except on Sunday.

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The social setting that I will observe is BRORA, a cashmere clothing shop that operates every day except on Sunday. It is situated on 344 Kings road at Chelsea. Until now I have conducted several days of observation and I have developed some basic analytic insights. Gaining access to every sector in the shop including the staff was easy since I am a very good client in this particular shop. Thus I might be considered an observer as participant, since I have visited the shop lots of times in the past by buying jumpers for myself, I am now observing it and at the same time learning more things about the actual organization of the shop. Those days I spent most of the time with the manager who I know well and she explained me some things about their coordination, their relationship with each other and with their customers. Generally BRORA is a small clothing shop that makes things made of cashmere such as jumpers, accessories, gloves and handbags. The goods are made in Hawick in Scotland and they bring it here to their shops in London. In addition it is known that Scottish cashmere is of the best quality. It is an internationally known company because they sell lots of different kind of jumpers at a good price. ...read more.


Participants account for what they do - the manager gives some things to the members and expects them to be done in a specific time. In addition the manager has a role of supervisor in the shop, to see if the other members are doing the job properly. The manager is also responsible for any problems or emergencies that occur. For instance an exchange of a jumper without a receipt. The manager is the one who decides whether it can be replaced or not. For instance a month ago she received a telephone call informing her that somebody has broken into the shop. They coordinate through the Internet, telephone and computer equipment between the shop, warehouse and customers. They have received a lot of publicity in magazines and also the bags they give you are very attractive. Herbert Blumer has argued that "social action is lodged in acting individuals who fit their respective lines of action to one another through a process of interpretation; group action is the collective action of such individuals, seeking to achieve balance." By a process of self-indication, the human forms a good interpretive behavior and judge things that surrounds him. Thus the issues analyzed will be their exceptional service, and treatment of valuable clients. When the new season comes, either in spring or autumn, people buy new things. ...read more.


However they did it only for her in the colour she wished. In addition a customer's jumper was bagged incorrectly and was his fault because he didn't take care of it properly. But the staff exchanged it with a new one. I also once saw a customer with some holes into his jumper and the staff took it and told him that they will fix it in two weeks. According to Goffmans report, notion of special treatment has to be exclusivity. He reports that if a gentleman comes to your house and treat him as nice like everybody else, then he will perceive that your courtesy is worth nothing and will feel some resentment. From their good clients and through the publicity they receive in many fashion magazines Brora try to expand their marketing portfolio and bring more customers into the shop. Thus during winter season they provide the customers with an advent calendar that for each day offers a unique discount for each type of clothing and accessory. What Gaudhill, Gofman and Stinchcombe have argued is that an organization has to match people's demands and expectations in order to continue accomplishing their goals. If given more time and resources, I would have compared the other Brora shops with the one in Chelsea, and perhaps would have conducted a survey in order to ascertain customer wishes and demands. It would have also been beneficial to have perhaps have taken a part time job in the shop. ...read more.

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