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The sphere of influence of the market is different to that of St. Albans.

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The sphere of influence of the market is different to that of St. Albans Introduction In this investigation, I am going to aim to find out whether the sphere of influence of the market is different to that of St. Albans. The sphere of influence is the area served by the settlement. It is the area from which people travel to use the settlement or the area to which bus services run and deliveries are made. Newsagents have small spheres of influence; secondary schools have larger spheres of influence than primary schools and hospitals have very large spheres of influence. I predict that the sphere of influence of the market will be smaller than that of St. Albans, if they both follow the Central Place Theory. From the diagram, I predicted that the larger the settlement, the greater the number and variety of shops and services, and so the wider the area from which people will travel to use the shopping area, i.e. the larger the sphere of influence. Downloaded from www1.sru.edu/gge/faculty/hughes/100/100-6/tport15.htm The area that I'm going to study is St. Albans. St. Albans is situated in the United Kingdom in the County of Hertfordshire. It is about 20 miles NW of London. St. Albans is encircled by the M1, M25 and the A1 motorway. I am going to collect my data in the form of a questionnaire with various questions to be filled in, which will give me the details needed to come to a conclusion about my hypothesis. Here is a more detailed map of St. Albans including the street we worked on: In smaller cities, particularly in historical market towns, spatial concentration may not occur. ...read more.


This affected our results because more people would be out shopping than for other needs in St. Albans. Also as this was a market day, maybe more people than usual came to shop in the market rather than the main shopping centre. This could make some of our results partial. Conclusion My aim for this investigation was to find out whether the sphere of influence of St. Albans was different to that of the market. My prediction was that the sphere of influence of St. Albans is bigger than that of the market. Figure 1. tells me that my prediction was correct and so the sphere of influence of St. Albans is bigger than that of the market place. As you can see from figure 2. the majority of the people who came to visit St. Albans came to shop in the market. However, this could be because the day we visited St. Albans was a Wednesday and therefore it was market day, which means more people would want to come to the market to shop to get all the bargains, than in the main shopping centre of St. Albans. This could have made my results partial. As can be seen from figure 3. More people came to shop in the market than in the main shopping centre. This could again be because of Wednesday being the market day. However, from this graph I can also see that St. Albans probably has a big sphere of influence as majority of the people that visited St. Albans came to shop. Figure 4. tells me that St. ...read more.


place which is a big settlement will have a bigger sphere of influence than that of one which is a small settlement. However, if I had gone on another day instead of Wednesday, which as mentioned earlier is a market day, then I would expect more people to be shopping in the main St. Albans shopping centre. This, however, wouldn't affect my conclusion of the hypothesis. If my study was carried out in a wider context, such as comparing the sphere of influence of Central London and Watford, it is very likely that my conclusion could be applied to this example as well because the Central Place Theory tells us that the bigger the settlement, the wider the ranger of services, and therefore the bigger the sphere of influence. This would be useful for extending geographical theory and understanding as Central London and Watford are better known shopping centres as opposed to St. Albans. To increase the accuracy of my results, I think, a different data collection techniques needs to be used such as a Dictaphone. This would ensure our results were as accurate as possible, if not 100% accurate. To increase the reliability of my results, we could have gone on two different Wednesdays to compare the areas of spheres of influence on both days or we could have gone on another day to see the sphere of influence on a non-market day. Both of these suggestions would extend my study as they would extend the title of my coursework: I would be comparing two different situations on two different days. Acknowledgements Microsoft Word ME Pinpoint Printer - Hewlett Packard DeskJet 840 C Photos Charts/graphs Letts GCSE Geography Study guide www.multimap.com www.salbani.co.uk www1.sru.edu/gge/faculty/hughes/100/100-6/tport15.htm ...read more.

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