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The stages involved in recruiting new staff.

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Vacancy When looking for a potential applicant needed for a job a workplace these are the step taken. In order starting with the first thing that would be done and the last thing done. 1. Recognise the need for a vacancy to be filled 2. Draw up a "Job Description" 3. Draw up a "Personal Specification" 4. Advertise the Vacancy 5. Accepting Applications 6. Short listing 7. Interviewing 8. Choosing best candidate 9. Carrying out Induction. Recognise the need for a vacancy to be filled The reason behind a vacancy needs to be filled might be due to one of the following reasons. 1. Someone has retired. 2. Someone has been fired or voluntarily left the job. 3. Someone is on maternity leave which is twelve months and paternity leave which is two weeks only. 4. The company/business/firm is expanding 5. There is a need for people with different skills such as web designers. 6. Someone has been promoted therefore another person will be needed to fill the vacancy. 7. Start-up of the business is another usual reason behind needing new people for the job. 8. Finally if someone is ill and need another person for cover. Job Description A job analysis can be used to create a job description. The job description will describe how a particular employee is to fit into the organisation. A job description could be used as a job indictor for applicants. Alternatively it could also be used as a guideline for an employee to his or her role and responsibilities within in the organisation. Job descriptions can be used by organisations to provide information for use in drafting a situation vacant advertisement and for briefing interviews. The function for a job description can be very simple. It's when the businesses human resources department will need to draw up a list of tasks that the job will involve and the responsibilities of the person appointed. ...read more.


* If employee is not going to be come in due to medical reasons then he/she should bring in a doctor's note which legally allows them to take off time. (3 days - 5 days). * If the employees are late unauthorized than they will get 3 verbal warning which can go to a written warning and if late can lead to suspensions and finally if they still come in late than it will result in dismissal. * If employees are going on a holiday than a request need to be made therefore an approval can be given or not given. * Finally approved sicknesses come out of yearly allowance of holidays. Introduction to management and workmates. This is an important part of the induction process as it is basically getting the new employee to meet his supervisor and people he is going to be working with. Identification of any immediate training needs. Adaption is important because if the new employed person is not settled into the work than his work performance will not be very good. As part of the induction process, new employees may be introduced to new processors or software that they are unfamiliar with. The employer should explain each of these processes to new employees, question them about their experience with the processes or software and listen carefully to their answers to discover their level of experience. For example an employee may be familiar with the Microsoft office software but may not have had the experience with spreadsheets. If this is the requirement of the role, then careful questioning will determine the skill level of the employee and the training required to enable them to do their job. Training may be carried out formally through a course r more informally by a colleague or with training in a timely needs and implementing training timely manner is important to ensure the new employees are equipped with the skills to properly carry out their duties. ...read more.


Finally the recruitment for pharmacy and optical professional is again a different process. The application process the job is similar to the process mentioned above, but instead of test you will be asked to upload your CV. If a candidate is successful than the next step is simply calling the candidate in for an interview with either the general store manager or a pharmacy or optical professional. Induction Process The induction process at ASDA has five aims they are: * Awareness of the workings & objectives of a business * Awareness of health & safety issues * Requirements when absent, ill or late * Introductions to management & work colleagues * Identification of any immediate training needs When a candidate is successful and has achieved the job than he or she will be told about the induction process. They will be told about ASDA's aims and objectives, so that they know how their job role fits in and what they can do in order to help ASDA and also do their job properly. The induction process would include basic training about the job which will allow the candidate to complete their job. The induction process will also allow the supervisor to identify any immediate training needs for the candidate. The tailored training that ASDA provides is as follows: * Colleague to manager training * New retail managers * New distribution managers * ASDA House colleagues For more complex job or higher level job such management the tailored training mentioned above is used. This training lasts for three months because these jobs are a lot harder and involve a lot more responsibilities and duties. The training process takes place at ASDA as well as offsite training centers. The process involves the new employee being supervised for the three months and being told of every aspect of their job. They are also told of "What If" aspect. This means that what if something happens, what they should do, etc. Motivational Package and Process ?? ?? ?? ?? Task 1 (A01) - Recruitment & Selection Process Anas Patel ...read more.

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