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The Thirteen Commandments for Crafting Successful Business Strategies.

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The Thirteen Commandments for Crafting Successful Business Strategies I. Matching Strategy to the Situation: 1. Industry Environment: The environment of consulting is in continuous, rapid growth. ASFM has to adjust itself to this demanding environment by always staying updated, certified and qualified. Consultants in general have an image for the clients that they are trying to take advantage of them. If we try to track the origins of this problem, we find that most consultants do not keep up to their promise for their clients of providing the best quality services, or they demand more than the assigned budget. Afterwards, they cash their checks and run off leaving the clients with a bad image. That's the challenge that ASFM has to overcome in order to improve their image in an ever-demanding world. 2. Company positions: ASFM is currently in a leading situation whereby keeping up to the same quality and globalizing is a good decision under these circumstances. 3. Situational Considerations: Just like any other industry, ASFM has to consider external as well as internal factors in order to craft a successful strategy. ...read more.


Vision, mission and goals of ASFM: ASFM's vision is to be leaders and innovators. They want to make a difference for their clients through continuous improvement. ASFM's mission statement is "We take pride in attaining total customer satisfaction by providing our customers with services of the highest quality and reliability." Both the vision and mission are revised more frequently, and communicated through media, customers who act as referrals, and through consultants and trainers. Some of ASFM's goals are the following: * Proving excellent service * Proving quality services * Providing professional training * Recruitment and retention of professional staff * Growing in size * Innovation - avoidance of obsolescence * Fulfilling community needs > Satisfying social responsibility These goals are also revised annually, and almost all of them have been realized by the firm. 2. SWOT analysis: As we have seen before, ASFM conducts a SWOT analysis as an important basis for its assessment and evaluation of strategies. 3. Crafting and formulating Strategy: "Strategy making brings into play the critical managerial issue of how to achieve the targeted results in light of the organization's situation and prospects."2 The hows of a company's strategy are typically blends of: * Deliberate and purposeful actions * The needed reactions to unanticipated developments and competitive pressures * Collective learning of the organization over time. ...read more.


His genuine interest in them gives them a chance to prove that they can be effective and indispensable for the organization. To be utmost fair, he assembles a planning team called: The executive management team which gives virtually all managers the chance to participate in the planning process. This team consists of the vice president, senior consultants, consultants and business development representatives and directors who are in charge of approving the strategic plan. This entitles them to be involved in the strategic planning process. With this humble yet strong nature, people at ASFM feel comfortable in his presence knowing that he's a CEO but at the same time, a human with some imperfections. Leaders should be able to make decisions easily and must have the drive and power to do things the right way. Mr. Almaoui adopts aggressive approaches towards what he wants. His thoughts and actions are always consistent and reliable, giving the whole environment a clear idea of where they stand now and in the future. Finally, a man with an initiative, always seeking perfection in the workplace, in his employees and the services his company has to offer. 1 Course readings, part 1, pg. 106 2 Course readings, part 1, pg. 10 3 Course readings, part 1, pg. 18 ...read more.

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