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The Three Business Sectors Explained

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The Primary Sector The primary sector consists of businesses which produce or obtain natural products or raw materials from either the land or sea. This sector is split into four main categories. Agriculture This category covers animal farming, landscape gardening, horticultural, vegetables and cereals. Mining and quarrying This category covers coal mining, natural gas and oil extraction and the quarrying of all types' stone, gravel, sand, clay and salt production. Fishing This category covers freshwater mussel growers, salmon farms, trout hatcheries and fish farms. ...read more.


Engineering This group comprises of engineers who are employed in the manufacturing industry. This is mainly in relation to the design and functioning of machinery and equipment. Lighter engineering companies make smaller items where precision is paramount such as scientific and medical equipment. Heavier engineering companies make goods that usually comprise of large sheets of metals for ships, cranes and steel buildings. Energy Production This group includes businesses that produce or distribute gas and electricity such as British Gas and nPower. ...read more.


Private Services These are purchased by either businesses or individuals and are offered to privately owned businesses such as retailers, accountants, banks, consultants, communications companies, private clinics and hospitals, publishers, transport and distribution firms, travel agencies and many other kinds. Public Services These are provided by local and national, government and locally owned authorities. Emergency services, housing, law and order, defence and military activity, social services, local planning, recreational facilities are just some of the examples. Voluntary and Not-for-Profit Services This sector involves work by charitable and voluntary organisations in areas such as social care, community health care, global re-development and environmental and wildlife protection. ...read more.

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