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The two businesses that I have decided to investigate are Sealy Beds and Asda.

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Business Assignment The two businesses that I have decided to investigate are Sealy Beds and Asda. I have chosen these two businesses because they are local and easily accessible, in the past either a family member or me have shopped in it. These two businesses are quite the opposite; Sealy Beds manufactures their own products and sell them to different stores. Whereas Asda buys their products off other brands and sells them in there own supermarkets. General Information on Sealy Beds Sealy Beds UK is a part of the Silentnight group that is based in Lancashire. The brand came to the UK in1974 and it is located in Aspatria, West Cumbria. In Aspatria it operates 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant; it supplies beds to retailers all over the UK. In the year 1999 Sealy Beds celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. Sealy is primarily an American owned company, Sealy brand is also made in many other countries including: * Australia * New Zealand * Canada * The West Indies * South Africa * Japan * Israel * Thailand When Sealy started making beds its annual turnover was a mere �450,000, but Sealy started to flourish and it has now established itself among the leading bed manufacturers such as Sleep Easy, Millbrook, Myers and Slumberland. General Information on Asda Asda has made itself the best value food and clothing superstore. Asda became part of 'The Wal-Mart Family' on 26th July 1999. The company was formed in 1965 by a group of farmers from Yorkshire. It has come a long way since then, it now has 240 stores and 19 depots across the UK. Asda offer prices on an average of 10% lower than there main competitors such as; Tesco, Safeway, Sainsburys and Morrisons. Asda employ 100,000 workers and they have the best reputation for being the best and friendliest in the industry. They work with over 2,800 suppliers. Sealy Beds Location Sealy Beds is located in Aspatria, West Cumbria. Aspatria is known as an unemployment blackspot. ...read more.


Sealy Beds Functional Areas Sealy communicates between functional areas by: * Tannoy * Mobile Phones * E-Mail * Memos * Telephones They do not use video conferencing to other countries they do not see any reason for it. Recruitment: On our visit to Sealy Beds they told us that they had no plans to expand their operations. The HRM told us that the market for beds was not growing so they didn't need to have recruitment campaigns. When jobs become available by retirement or being promoted then they have to start having recruitment campaigns. The HRM at Sealy Beds in Aspatria started to work on the shop floor through all his hard work, training and development and different promotions he ended up as the HRM. An advantage of this is that it may have a positive influence on other worker to try and work harder so they could possibly get promoted. All of the jobs he has worked in he knows what to do in each of them so he knows what is expected of the workers. The internal promotion would be cheaper then hiring a new person form elsewhere. The reason for this is that you would have to offer them more money to attract them to you if they have another job and if you promote instead of hire the person that you have promoted will know what is expected of him also they wouldn't have to explain all the rules and expectations of Sealy to the person which has been promoted. A disadvantage and there isn't many of them is that it may cause conflict between colleagues and friends because they are jealous or the person who has been promoted may not have managerial skills whereas if you hire someone externally who was previously a manager elsewhere would be better in this scenario. Also to do with recruitment is to retain good employees which you have, this can be costly. ...read more.


* Focus Groups, This is where the Marketing Department hold meetings with customers and they talk about what they need to change to keep up with the latest trends. They also talk to them about the latest needs and fashion. * Faxes, This is another form of electronic communication, fax is short for 'facsimile'. Fax is a system whereby a sheet of paper is scanned by a machine in one location, transmitted down a telephone line and printed out by a similar machine. Faxes may also be generated on a computer file and sent directly down the telephone line from a computer. These are fast and cheap way to communicate to customers. * Web Sites, These are where they make a web site with an address which corresponds with your business. These web sites could have links to order or ask questions or maybe you have a complaint. Web sites may also have e-mail addresses that you could contact r phone numbers for any queries that you may have. At Sealy everyday at 9:30pm they hold a meeting where all the staff discusses the previous day's performance and the supervisors cascade all the information to the factory floor. Every six weeks there is a meeting between the members of the joint consultative community. Humans Resource things are discussed here also operational issues are discussed. E.g. uses of machines, working on load times is the amount of time of customer order and delivery. 2 years ago the lead-time was 6 months it is down to 130-140 working days. Quarterly (every 3 months) the managing director gets together with the whole factory and gives a presentation to see how the business is doing. Factories only tend to communicate when there are problems or areas for improvement. There are many reasons for using communication: - * Asking for Information * Supplying Information * Planning Work * Asking building managers to conserve water * Explain how a job must be done * Deciding on how to re-organise a department Communication is the most important factor of a business whether it is to customer's suppliers ...read more.

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