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the Use of ICT in Business

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Assignment D The use of ICT in Business When creating my business I had to use a range of different software's to get a good result. I used ranging Microsoft software and an Internet client to gather my information. The main software I used was Microsoft Word Processor, which was very useful when reporting about my information that I had collected. Also when having to add an analysis about something collected from the Internet or made on another piece of software. This print screen shows Microsoft Word Processing software. As you can see it has many features which allow you to create many different types of report, analysis and/or invoices. You can insert tables and charts so that you can show relevant trends in things such as sales per year. Showing tables makes your information more presentable and easy to understand. Using word processing software will make my business more efficient as I will be able to create templates for my work so that when letters, invoices and other documents need printing there will be a specific template/border/letterhead which will A) Make my pages more presentable B) Make my business seem more presentable. As word processors have many features which you can use to edit letters and add to advertising you can make them more presentable getting more attention and/or becoming more recognisable. ...read more.


Using PowerPoint is more efficient because it allows you to present data a lot easier with added effect with the use of the animation features. (See below). Using this for my business allowed me to easily create a graph and present it well. It allowed me to analyse the graph so that I could see how well my business is doing and how quickly I break even, and because the graph is well presented I can see really easily the relationship between sales and costs. In this picture you can see how PowerPoint has animated this image so that it enters by bars. It attracts the viewer's attention. These features can be done for any file, whether it is text or image. The most important piece of software I used was Internet Explorer, or more commonly recognized by its logo. Internet Explorer is Internet browsing software in which you can search for pretty much anything you need to know - using search engines or known URL's. With the introduction of broadband the worlds Internet usage has dramatically increased (see graph). Broadband is basically high speed internet access, which allows you to access, provide and offer information a lot faster than standard dial up. ...read more.


For example 'Eclipse' is transactional software in which you can run sales through on tills at a quick and easy pace, as it is very simple to use. The first initial cost of the software is expensive but it works out that as it is more efficient it pays off in the future, as you will keep your customers happy. Eclipse has its own security built in which involves each employee to create a log in username and password keeping their information confidential at all costs. In my conclusion the software useful to my business as it enhanced the efficiency of the business as it allowed me to complete tasks very quickly and to a good standard. As the work was all ICT based it allowed me to make changes to the work simply unlike with hand written work I would need to re-write to look presentable. One major impact software had with my work was allowing calculations to be done on the computer rather than having to work them out myself. Microsoft Word allowed me to run several checks to my documents such as spelling and grammar checks to make sure that all of my work made sense and that everything was spelt correctly- this is good when handing work in so you know you haven't made any errors. ?? ?? ?? ?? Business ...read more.

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