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The Walt Disney company.

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The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1922. Today they are world leaders in the family entertainment industry. Disney trade on an international level and have over 58,000 employees worldwide with over 200,000 shareholders. Disney like many other organisations probably decided to trade internationally for growth, survival, to beat competition, and as in many cases to gain market share to help increase shareholder value. The key advantage in operating across nations is to expand and obtain experience across markets and to use knowledge and experience in different markets. To increase economies of scale which is achieved through purchasing large plots of land and large firms. Disney saw the chance of a theme park in Hong Kong as a means of improving its relationship and business opportunities in mainland China. Due to the success of Tokyo Disneyland and the number of Europeans visiting the Disney United States parks Disney decided to open a theme park in Europe. They chose to expand in France because of its advantages over Spain. France had a better central location and Paris was the most visited European city and the French were the largest consumers of Disney products. ...read more.


Disney does not seem to be facing these disadvantages. The three main areas trade seems to be giving support and financial assistance. Competition in regards to the Hong Kong Disneyland venture, China built more than 2000 amusement parks between 1994 and 1999. The parks have not done well and Disney have recognised that the lack of success with these parks are not because the Chinese are not interested in amusement parks its just that the Chinese people are not interested in bad parks. Disney's main strengths are in their resources, experience in the business and trade and their low cost strategy. The company has been able to diversify their operations and products to prevent a fall in sales and production levels. Disney has diverted from cartoons to home video, films, merchandise, radio broadcasting, television and theme parks. They have globally diversified operations from the United States of America to Japan and Europe. Their main strength being their internal resources. Resources such as human resources and financial stability. Employees at Disney are very innovative. In past years they have produced box office productions. ...read more.


Disney seems to have a hierarchical organisational structure where the business has layers of management from senior management at the top down to the lower levels of management and supervisors of the lowest rank. Disney have chosen a clear management structure, it has a clear division of responsibility and allocation of authority where the organisation is controlled from the top. This structure has its disadvantages with many layers of communication, which could slow down the speed in which information is passed through the organisation this could also affect decision-making. Disney seem to have a decentralised working style, where authority has been delegated to lower levels of management, but it is not completely decentralised only in certain areas of the organisation. A large emphasis is placed on employee participation. 'The company regularly refreshes it top management staff with new executives which bring new ideas and concepts which have been easily adapted to by the company.' Disney annual report 2001. Expansion is another major strategy used by the company. The corporate policy is to grow slowly and not to impress anyone. Disney understands the importance of meeting demand with the right amount and quality of goods and services, which they achieve by effectively distributing merchandise and effective marketing. Kathryn Kofo Peters ~ 02025412 ...read more.

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