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The world in the future

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Future World In today's world it is hard to imagine a world without illiteracy, dirty politics and a very unstable economy saturated with inflation. It's tough to envision a perfect world but constituting an ultimate world to inhabit is possible. In order to create the ideal world, three sectors of the everyday life must be transformed. Education, politics and economy are the three bases of our society which directly impact the way our world is run. If these three areas were revamped to meet the world's needs, an ideal global village could be created. Education is the most important asset for the humanity. Education is invaluable for a bright future of today's children because it walks them through all the aspects of their lives. ...read more.


Politics is another major area of the everyday life of all the citizens. Politicians are the lawmakers of today. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they make the right decisions on behalf of all the citizens. Three steps must be taken to ensure that governments execute properly. Firstly, all countries must have democratic governments. Democratic system secures the rights and freedoms for every citizen in the world. Secondly, voting for a political leader or any decision making must be mandatory as it is important for every citizen's opinion to be considered in a democracy. And last but not the least, no monarchs should be the head of any country. As it is the case in Canada, three per cent of the citizen's taxes go directly to the monarch. ...read more.


Secondly, the global economy should be made a free trade economy. A free trade economy would also provide growth opportunities for countries that currently don't posses industries because of import and export duties. Finally, tangible money would be replaced by non tangible money to speed up the money transfer process. Conclusively, improving the world's economy would help everyone because it would reduce poverty and thereby indirectly reducing the crime rate and other problems. All in all, the world would be a far better place to inhabit if the education, the politics and the economic sectors were revamped to their best. After reviewing the changes in these areas, it is finally possible to imagine a nearly picture perfect world. The ultimate place would be possible because everyone would be well educated, well informed and a little wealthier than before. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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