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There 15 things what Tesco does to provide a good customer service to customers. Firstly, they offer 24 hours service. This means that the customers

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Task 2 There 15 things what Tesco does to provide a good customer service to customers. Firstly, they offer 24 hours service. This means that the customers can get products when ever they want, for example if they work all day, they can get products at night time. Another example could be that in an even t of emergency the customers can get nay products they need at night. This means it will be very convenient for them. This is a good customer service because it increases customer satisfaction. However, this cost more money to Tesco as they may have to pay extra, for workers who work at night. Recommendation Overall, I personally believe offering 24 hour service is a good customer service because it benefits the customer more, as it is easier and convenient for them. Secondly, the staffs at Tesco wear uniform. This means that when the customers come into the shop, they know who to go to for help and advice. This is a good customer service because if a customer has a problem with the product then he/she can go to a sales representative. However, if the member of staff doesn't have proper knowledge then this will not help. Recommendation Overall, I believe that this is a good customer service as by staff wearing uniform it identifies them and also if they don't have uniform then even for mangers it will be difficult to identify who works and not. Thirdly, Tesco offer other cultural food. This means that Tesco sells various foods from other cultures such as Indian food, Chinese, etc. This will mean that it attracts wider audience to come into Tesco's and also offer customers more choice of food. This is a good customer service as customers now have more variety of food to choose from so it encourages them to come to Tesco more often. However, by selling variety of cultural food they might need to employ staff who can make these products or pay extra to buy these products. ...read more.


Tesco also has clear sign throughout the store. This means that signs Tesco has are very clear so that customers can read and understand very easily. This is a way a good customer service as customers can get around the store very easily so their satisfaction increases. However, putting up clear signs mean Tesco might need to employ someone to put up the signs. Recommendation Overall, I believe that this method is an example of good customer service because by having clear signs it makes the customers feel they are helped get around the store easily, in other words it increases their satisfaction, this means that they continually come to Tesco to shop as they feel welcomed. Finally, Tesco have a customer service desk near the front of the store. This means that the customers can go there to make queries or get help with problems they have. This is a good customer service as it meets the needs of the customers. However, by having customer service desk Tesco needs to employ someone to work at the desk which costs money. Recommendation Overall, I personally believe this is a good customer service because by having a customer service desk a customer might feel they are treated properly as they are allowed to express their views. As all the staffs are informed about Tesco's products, policies and procedure, the staffs need to have good internal communication skills and external communication skills. There are various situations where staff has to communicate internally for example, formal meetings, letters, telephones, staff reports, etc. and also there are various ways they communicate externally for example, face to face, e-mail, telephone, surveys, etc. Tesco has various ways to convey its customers: * Method of Communication - Tesco uses the telephone for example to offer new deals or information about Tesco. It also uses telephone to answer any queries the customers make. ...read more.


Weakness I believe Tesco's weakness is that Tesco cannot necessarily meet all the needs and expectation of the customers as some of the needs and expectation are hard to meet. However, Tesco has to try to meet as much needs and expectation of the customers it can cause customer satisfaction is very important to a company's success. Opportunity Tesco has the potential to increase its quality of its customer service in order to increase customer satisfaction. It can increase its quality of customer service my providing more training to its staff and invest more money into the customer service departments. Threats There are many threats Tesco can endure, there are many big competitors for Tesco such as Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons, etc. so if all these firms increase their quality of customer service then it will affect Tesco because they then have to increase their quality of customer service as well to keep the customers they have. So if Tesco wants to continually dominate the market then they definitely have to increase the quality of customer service in order to be increase customer satisfaction. So from the SWOT analysis I can identify my strengths and weaknesses. I have to analyse the data I found from SWOT analysis and try to improve my strengths and try to reduce any weakness in order for Tesco to improve its customer service. Tesco's Customer Service Policy Tesco is committed to the development of a quality service. Our commitments to you are: * To provide a friendly service which offers various products/services you require. * To provide a pleasant environment for you to shop in. * To listen to your comments, suggestions, complaints and act upon them. * For the Tesco staff to assist you with any problems. * Publicise the services and special offers we offer ` What we expect from you: * To be polite and kind to our member of staff at any circumstances. * To always ask if you need any help. * To act in a sensible behaviour around the store. ?? ?? ?? ?? YATHURSAN DEVABALAN 12T MR.SCARSBROOK ...read more.

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