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There are many job roles in the organisation of Cadbury World and each of these job roles consist of numerous tasks, responsib

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In this unit I will be investigating the business Cadburys Trebor Bassett and producing a detailed report; researching and analysing the objectives and activities within the business. My fields of research will include resources from the internet and knowledge learnt throughout the project. ? Importance of stakeholders ? Organisation of the business, job roles, working arrangements ? Employer/employee rights and responsibilities ? Dealing with disputes, health and safety ? Recruitment and training ? Customer service and protection Confectionery consumption in the UK is among the highest in the world, exceeded only by Denmark and Ireland. Chocolate confectionery accounts for around 70% of sales value in the UK market, with sales of sweets at around 30%. Cadbury's Ltd is the confectionary division of Cadbury Schweppes plc, a major force in the confectionary and soft drinks international market; Cadbury's with over 50 different brands, sells over 1 million bars of chocolate every day and last year made an overall turnover of �6.7 billion. Cadbury's Schweppes is one of the biggest international confectionary and beverage companies in the world with an outstanding market capitalisation of �11 billion. With factories placed all over the globe, Cadbury's chocolate is manufactured internationally and its brands are enjoyed in almost every country around the world. The purchase of Adams makes Cadbury Schweppes the leader in the global confectionery market and the only one company to span all three categories - chocolate, sweets and gum. Cadburys Schweppes are also proud to be the world's third largest soft drinks company. Cadbury's Schweppes, concentrating on core brands in the competition market, have joined forces with brand icons such as Mott's, Canada dry, Halls, Trident, Dentyne, Trebor, Bassett, Dr Pepper and 7up to name a few. Cadbury's Trebor Bassett is the particular division of this company that I will be investigating. Stakeholders Stakeholders are defined as anyone who takes an interest in the company. ...read more.


her management to use new and developed strategies to maintain the quality of the Cadbury's image in the eyes of Cadbury World's visitors and the general public. An operations and project manager would be required to direct subordinates with clear and detailed instructions explaining what is expected of the various tasks. A lack of sufficient information from the operations and project managers would result in a restriction in the work that employees do and bring down the level of efficiency in future projects. Operations and project managers are also expected to ensure that the highest standards are set for all of the attractions in the theme park maintaining the reputation of Cadbury's. The importance of this job role, for Cadbury World, includes managing both small and large scale projects without affecting the visitors' enjoyment whilst in the park in the process; the monitoring of subordinates would lead to completion of all projects with efficiency. This is to maintain the high profile interface that Cadbury's possesses with the general public and to develop an efficient and organised image towards the public view. In doing this, the reputation of Cadbury's is seen in the public eye as professional and appealing towards its customers. Deputy Operations manager The deputy operations manager has exactly the same responsibilities as the Operations and Project manager and is expected to carry out these tasks just as efficiently. Tasks such as, the day to day running of the operations area, assisting the Operations and Projects manager in the running of projects and various visitor and staff services. This relieves the Operations and Project manager from a great amount of stress, as the workload can be shared between them. The Deputy Operations manager is also responsible for acting as deputy in his absence. This position is an important job role for the running of Cadburys' because if the Operations and Project manager were away or became ill there would be someone there with the same expertise to take-over and run the project efficiently. ...read more.


as developing new strategies for promoting Thorpe Park or the improvement on the internal activities of the business such as the training of employees or development of new rides and visiting areas. Thorpe Park's main attractions include many thrilling rides for their visitors to enjoy. Many of these rides are aimed at all ages, yet there are height restrictions on many of the more challenging and stimulating of the rides which would restrict younger children and some of the larger rides are advertised towards an older market consisting of teenagers and young adults. Colossus Colossus is one of the largest and fastest rides at Thorpe Park and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This ride is aimed at teenagers and adults, as part of the appeal is the speed and intensity of the ride. Height restrictions prohibit younger children from riding merely as a safety caution, but many are willing to brave the intensity of Colossus as many of the taller young teens are able to take part from as young as 10 or 11. Colossus is famous for being the first ride to achieve 10 loops and this has enabled Thorpe Park to break the world record for the roller coaster with the most loops in the world. This achievement has created masses of publicity for Thorpe Park and promoted the ride with great success. This unique selling point is part of its appeal to the customer and attracts thrill-seekers from all over to come and face its gravity-defying twists and turns. Detonator Detonator is another of the many main attractions at Thorpe Park and is one of the tallest rides in the park. Its awesome pinnacle can be seen from the furthest distance and even before you set foot into the grounds. Business activities: Thorpe Park is a tertiary business and provides leisure and retail services through their souvenir stores, food outlets and rides. Thorpe Park's main activity is to produce a profit and to accomplish the highest standards of customer satisfaction. ...read more.

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