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This coursework is about the customer service at Argos. It covers the following:Responsibility of the customer service department. Customer service policies at Argos. Ways of improving customer service at Argos

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Pages RATIONALE AND ACKNOWLEDGE ........................................ INTRODUCTION ...................................................................... CUSTOMERS AND THEIR NEEDS ............................................. CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT ........................................ CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY ................................................... MONITORING AND IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE ......... CRITICAL EVALUATION OF CUSTOMER SERVICE .................. CONCLUSION ............................................................................ REFERENCES ............................................................................... APPENDIX .................................................................................. RATIONALE I am doing this coursework to meet the general requirement for Unit 10: customer service. This is also to have a basic knowledge of customer service, which I would need in the future. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I will love to thank God for the wisdom given to me to enable me complete this coursework. I would like to acknowledge the help of my teacher Mr Kuffour in making this coursework a success. I would also like to thank Mr Wharton the manager of Argos Peckham branch for giving me enough information to complete this work. Lastly, I would like to appreciate my friends Sia and Folake for all their encouragement and support. INTRODUCTION Customer service is the set of behaviours that a business undertakes during its interaction with the customers. The notion of using customer service as a tool to gain competitive advantage started to gain ground in the United States in the 1980s, and has become a worldwide phenomenon. This coursework is about the customer service at Argos. It covers the following: * Responsibility of the customer service department. * Customer service policies at Argos. * Ways of improving customer service at Argos. * An overall evaluation of the department. Argos is a retail store that deals in jewelleries, toy, electronics, household items and clothing. Argos was launched in 1973 when the first 17 stores opened simultaneously. Since then Argos became one of the best powerful forces in British retailing with over 550 stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Although run as an independent business Argos is owned by Gus plc, retail and a business service group. With annual sales of over £3 billion, Argos is one of the UK's largest non-food retail chains. Argos has been experiencing increased sales for the past five years. ...read more.


* Build a positive impact on its corporate image * Meet needs of its customers such as best value for money. At Argos customer service policy is considered important because it has a mission statement to "provide our customers with the best value of their money through the most convenient shopping experience"4. In order for Argos to fulfil its mission statement it is necessary to set procedures and the customer service policy is part of the procedures set. Examples of Argos policies are listed below. They are discussed and related with customer needs, government legislations and the organisation's objectives. Health and safety policy Health and safety policies ensures that all reasonable precautions are taken to provide and maintain working conditions for internal and external customers which are safe, healthy and in compliance with statutory requirement and appropriate codes of practice. Argos health and safety policy states: > All Argos outlets should employ health and safety adviser and occupational health staff. > Procedures to follow in breech of the policy. > Ways of bring updates of the statement of intent to the attention of both internal and external customers such as pasting it in places where the external customers could see. > Relation with the fire campaign. This policy is important to Argos has it helps it to meet the government legislation 'Health And Safety Act 1974'. The Act sets out the general duties and responsibility that employers have to their employees and members of the general public. Failure of Argos to meet the requirement of this legislation could lead to them paying fines. Also the health and safety policy is important as it helps Argos to meet needs of their customers, which is to provide safety. For example Argos customers expect to walk customers expect to get into the shops without tripping on any wet thing on the floor. The policy also helps Argos to meet its legal and ethical responsibility as failure of this could lead to the company been sued. ...read more.


This is important because it essential to meet needs of customers to build customer loyalty so as to increase sales. Argos has been able to meet its customers' needs by setting up a customer service department and human resource department for the internal customers. This department works to meet Argos corporate objectives. This is done by having a policy and monitoring and improving it. Earlier in this work the structure of the customer service department was analysed. Its policies were linked to government legislation and objectives to create a better understanding. For a company to survive it would be important to monitor its performance so also for a customer service programme to succeed it is necessary to monitor the programme. This is why the techniques used by Argos to monitor its programme were looked into and analysed carefully to provide methods for improvement. From the critical evaluation it shows that Argos has one of the best customer service programme in UK because its programme satisfies over 60% of their customers. Reference To do this coursework I had to use the following websites and textbook. Textbook Customer care by John Wellemin Business GNVQ by Dave Needham Websites www.argos.co.uk www.google.com Appendix The questionnaire used for the critical evaluation is attached below. In addition a copy of Argos operating profit is also included. This questionnaire is to be used for a private survey on the customer service programme at Argos. Please tick the appropriate box. How old are you? Under 18 18-30 30-50 50+ How often do you shop at Argos? Occasionally Often Always How happy are you with the service at Argos? Unhappy Happy Very happy What do you like about Argos? Price Range of product Service How would you rate Argos customer service? Poor Satisfactory Very good What would you like to see change about Argos customer service? Employee manners Employee assistance Serving time What policy would you like to see improved out of Argos service policy? Returns and refunds Privacy Health and safety 2 www.gusplc.co.uk 3 Information from: www.argos.co.uk/studentinfopack 4 Source from www.argos.co.uk 5 www.gusplc.co.uk 6 Check page... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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