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This piece of coursework will be explaining the areas of growth or decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

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This piece of coursework will be explaining the areas of growth or decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. The primary sector is growing, extracting or converting natural resources into raw materials e.g. farming. The secondary sector is manufacturing goods it converts raw materials into products for sale to businesses and private individuals e.g. sewing a shirt. The tertiary sector is selling a product or providing a service e.g. getting a haircut or buying a box of chocolate of the shop. The primary sector has had a decline from the unemployment has decreased about 1% of the population of the UK are working in agriculture a lot lower than other countries this is because of the new machines that have replaced people's jobs which would save the businesses in the long run also produces the items quicker .e.g. ...read more.


The output made by farming has gone up due to new trends as organic farming and due to environmental concerns. The secondary sector has had a decline in the heavy industries of the UK metals, mechanical engineering, textiles; shipping and motor production had a decline from the 1960s but then at 1983 Britain was the top exporter of manufactured goods. At 1950 Britain done 25%of the worlds manufactured goods but today the number has gone down to about 7% as the decline happened it made it harder to compete with businesses overseas as it cheaper to make overseas. This is because it costs much more to make it here also it takes Britain longer to recognise new advancements in technology compared to other countries overseas. ...read more.


There's areas grow quickly due to how the public increase their spending. 30 years ago, a lot more people worked making some people with disposable income (money that they can spend on non-essential items such as going to a restaurant for dinner).this is the reason why businesses have been Selling a lot more products and providing more services as the public have more money to buy stuff than before. In conclusion this shows that the primary has had a declined due to the public buying overseas and new machinery which has replaced people's jobs so the business can save money at the long run. The secondary sector has had a decline due to buying it cheaper overseas and machinery replacing people's jobs like robots. The tertiary sector has had an increase due to the public having more money to spend on products and services. ...read more.

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