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This Psychometric test is a way of assessing an individual's ability or personality in a measured and structured way

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PSYCHOMETRIC TEST AS A SELECTION PROCESS Most employers want the 'perfect fit' for any position vacant for recruitment. They always tend to want the best man suitable for the job, technically and interpersonally. The common ways of recruiting an employee is by application forms, curriculum vitae, and interviewing sessions. Most candidates are polite at interviews just to put across a good impression to the interviewer. Just interviewing someone is not enough to know if you have the right person for the job. Ability can be relatively easy to assess through interviewing and skills testing. Testing interpersonal skills is another issue. To reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person, the use of psychometric testing has been adopted by more and more organisations to increase the validity and reliability of the recruitment process. Psychometrics is the application of the objective, scientific measurement and mathematics to psychology. It refers top the testing of cognitive of mental functions and personality and the analysis of result. The psychometric test covers a lot of tests used to assess a characters strength or weakness providing accurate profiles of the suitability for a position. "Psychometric" means measurement of the mind. The Psychometric test is a way of assessing an individual's ability or personality in a measured and structured way. ...read more.


GRAHAM, H.T. and BENNETT, R (1998) Human Resource Management. 9th ed., Essex: Financial Times - Pitman Publishing. The article narrates the story of a woman who had taken a psychometric test for the post of a reporter in her local Newspaper. She suggested some of the questions where too easy and looked tricky. She answered the questions according to what the employers may be looking for. At the end of the day, she failed the test. Some times, candidates are under pressure, which may lead to giving negative effects and result in employers choosing unsuitable employees for the job. To avoid this, the same question is asked more than once but in different context so as to assess consistency. Candidates tend to fill in the answer the employer is likely looking for in an individual's personality. Trying to fit the profile of the ideal candidate may bring about problems when the job is gotten, as there would be some tasks the candidate is less likely to carry out. Psychometric test are often used in the wrong way because company managers may not have the time or interest in becoming tests experts thereby, relying on consultants. Not getting a job due to 'failure' of the psychometric test may knock the candidate's confidence thereby bringing misjudgement about ones personality. ...read more.


. The candidate's motivation of state of mind at that time of carrying out the test can be very influential, e.g. suffering from bereavement. . Language barrier- ethnic minorities may feel offended, as their first language may not be English which may lead to misinterpretation of questions thereby producing incorrect answers for the questions. . As the assessment is not a 100% accurate, there may be little or no correlation between the candidate's answers and the way he carries out the job. In conclusion, Psychometric test is versatile and can be used as an aid for personnel selection and recruitment, career guidance, career development, team building and personal development. Psychometric test is used by a vast number of large and small companies who appreciate its cost effectiveness when compared to the hard soft and human cost of selection errors. Psychometric tests, although a useful selection tool to implement, have many flaws and in order to be valid must be carried out in a strict and controlled manner in order for an organisation to make the right choice when seeking to recruit an individual into an organisational role. Research now shows that, in comparison with selection by normal interviewing techniques, the use of supporting psychometric testing can significantly improve the match between the individuals and the job. The growing use of psychometric testing in selection and assessment has to some extent outpaced the level of sophistication and knowledge. ...read more.

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