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This report will be research and development of a gym called "Westside Health & Fitness Club".

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Report On Westside Gym Introduction This report will be research and development of a gym called "Westside Health & Fitness Club". I will talk about the location of the gym, price per customer, offers, new ways to improve the gym, and research into what the customer wants. This report aims to use research and development to create innovative ideas that will set this gym apart from others in the area. Findings With regards to the location of the gym, the evidence suggests that the location is well placed, due to the easy accessibility of the facilities. It is also located next to a supermarket, so can be seen by many shoppers. Place is an essential tool of the marketing mix and if achieved a business can do extremely well for itself. ...read more.


A Free month's membership would entice 20% of potential customers to join, and half price joining fee would entice a further 15% of potential customers to join. Offers are a good strategy for businesses to use, they can entice potential customers, although it may cost the company in the beginning, it pays in the long run. Research and development has shown that by refurbishing the lower floor into a sauna, steam-room, caf´┐Ż, and waiting area would increase the client database by up to 40%. The increase in new facilities available would increase the client database enough to pay for the refurbishment itself. By developing a new layout for the machines, it means that a further two rowing machines, four treadmills and two more cross-trainers can be placed in the gym, thereby preventing customers from having to wait for the machines. ...read more.


Offers are a great way to entice new customers and the offers available seem to be working effectively with an increase of customers. Refurbishment is often a good way to preserve the fresh image of the company and can also attract new customers with new facilities available as well as keeping current customers satisfied. Longer opening hours have increased the amount of customers drastically. This could be due to customers able to go before and after work without having to rush. Also longer opening hours has allowed the amount of people at the gym at one time to spread out, therefore not overcrowding the gym. A new nursery has meant an increase in female customers by 28%, mothers can now leave there children at a nursery while they go to the gym and collect them when they have finished. These innovative ideas have been achieved through research and development. By Ashley Bennett ...read more.

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