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This task requires me to explain the training and development that William Hill use and methods that they use to manage the performance of staff linked in with the five main motivational theorists:

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Question 10) This task requires me to explain the training and development that William Hill use and methods that they use to manage the performance of staff linked in with the five main motivational theorists: F.W Taylor D. McGregor A. Maslow E. Mayo F. Herzberg F. W Taylor had a very simple view of what motivated people at work - money. He felt that workers should receive a 'fair day's pay for a fair day's work', and pay should be linked to output through piece rates. A worker who did not produce 'fairs day work' would face a loss of earnings and exceeding the target would lead to a bonus. Taylor's message for business is simple - allow workers to work and managers to manage based on scientific principles of work-study. D. McGregor believed that there is two types of workers and due to their difference two types of managerial style needs to applied. THEORY X THEORY Y Workers are motivated by money Workers are lazy and dislike work Workers are selfish, ignore the needs of organisations, avoid responsibility and lack ambitions Workers need to be coerced and directed by management Workers have many different needs which motivate them Workers can enjoy work If motivated, workers can organise themselves and take responsibility Management should create a situation where workers can show creativity and apply their job knowledge A. ...read more.


that has been in the organisation for more than a year. Targets are set in order to see if progression is successful if not alternative approaches have to be taken and in what band their reward full into. Whenever appraisal is carried out it requires a positive approach from all participants because employees dislike criticism of their performance at any level and William Hill human resource department know this and try to operate such schemes with openness and honesty. The scheme is not ran to strictly because if it was it would limit the response of employees who will see it only as a method of not rewarding them if targets are not achieved because this is counter productive and will cause considerable unrest amongst workers and managers. A combination of feedback mechanism s will be extremely valuable in strengthening the manager-employee relationship. Regular feedback is essential because it stimulates personal development, while specific feedback acts a motivator by adding new responsibilities to work that can become mundane once it has been repeated for long periods without change. This approach relates to Maslow esteem needs because this system allows employees gain self respect from achieving the targets set by them last year also recognition is given because new targets will be set due to attainment of the last ones. ...read more.


If employees are to meet their targets, William Hill have to realise that these targets must be realistic and achievable and organisation must provide suitable resources to enable them to complete tasks satisfactorily. Staff can easily complete tasks they are competent in performing but, to aid motivation, new tasks can be added to the existing skills and an allowance must be made when occurs. The human resource department should use a method of creating fair individual or team gaols and the SMART model could do this: Specific - use clear language to describe exactly what is required Measurable - identify numerical targets and outputs which can be counted and assessed. Agreed - agree these with the employee so that they take responsibility for their own output. Realistic - set targets that are attainable for each individual according to their skills and competencies. Time-related - state specific dates when targets must be achieved and will be measured. This way they can assure that all employees meet targets and gain their just reward. This allows them not only to fill part of William Hill because they realise that the company is recognising their effort from training and progression but allows relationship with managers and employees to improve because more communication takes place and employees that they are developing form obtaining new skills and responsibility. Nike Akinde ...read more.

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