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Thomas Cook Tour Operation UK Ltd

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Strengths Existing percentage market share Thomas Cook reputation Existing Thomas Cook image and brand recognition High level of awareness within target market Knowledge and experience of market trends Large number of distribution channels Good product variety Weaknesses Holiday Essential brand not well established and relatively low demand for the product Confusion and lack of identification of other Thomas Cook brands e.g. JMC and holiday essentials High volume costs High capital expenditure, i.e. marketing expenses, data processing costs and human resources, e.g. staff turnover Over capacity Excessive fixed assets i.e. too many head office properties Opportunities Chance to exploit strengths i.e. concentrate on strengthening Thomas Cook brand Current political and economic situation forcing smaller competitors out of the market, therefore the opportunity to capture their share of the market. Increased in demand for cheaper holidays with greater flexibility, therefore a new target market Advances in technology and cheaper assess to internet creates demand for online bookings facilities, a relatively new and cost effective method for the distribution of products. Also increasing popularity of the internet paves the way for advertising techniques. ...read more.


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