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Time Management - Which area of your life is Time Management used more effectively?

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Time Management: Which area of your life is Time Management used more effectively? Many people complain that they need more time in a day. "If you control your time, you control your life", says Alan Lakein (1973). Time is a precious thing to waste. We all are given time in an equal share, 24 hours. But how we spend it, is different all across the board. The people who set the priorities and schedule their time accordingly are very efficient and productive. While the unsuccessful workers, procrastinating students, unorganized domestics tend to be the most stressed. Managing our time productively, can be very challenging. How can people find time for themselves when they have a full time job, have children, and are continuing their education? Certain situations and needs influence our orientation. However, how we manage our time can be changed and lead to success and balance in life. The question is, if Time Management is plays a role in the different areas of life, then would it be more beneficial and effective in one area than the other? Most of us have a full time job and have young children or adolescent children that attend school. Also, some of us attend school ourselves. With a full time job, having housework to do and with homework, our additional tasks may overwhelm us. We, then, stop thinking critically. ...read more.


It would be nice if you could increase the number of hours in a day but as we know, we cannot do this. Making the best use of these hours can make things a lot easier and with better results. This is when Time Management comes in handy and what it is all about. Making the best use of your time so you can learn more, get better grades, have more free time, or just accomplish anything else that's important to you. First thing that you need to know is to find out what is important to you. Without goals and priorities, it's easy to lose focus and later on find out that your life is not turning out the way you had hoped or planned. Having clear goals and priorities with the help of Time Management will help you a lot to be a successful student. In order to have an effective Time Management, a student needs to do is to stop procrastinating. There always seems to be a tremendous amount of assignment and homework, a lot of readings and examination and quizzes to prepare for. Putting off these tasks at the last minute will just make things much harder to finish, which end up in low grades or work not being finished at all. There are times that this may lead to frustrations that could end up to dropping out of school. As for everyone, probably the most common Time Management problem is procrastination. ...read more.


Team delegation also gets the job done. When you voice out to another co-worker that you need help, you can get things done through others. It is called helping others to be effective in their use of time. Follow up is a major key in having others help you in your project. Other helpful ways in saving time are to concentrate doing only one task at a time. Complex tasks can be broken into smaller components. In turn, resources can be applied to complete these separate components in their allotted times. "Careful time management, allocation of resources and development of professional and personal goals are inherent concepts which, when properly utilized as everyday tools, may help to accomplish tasks which had once seemed impossible" (Sandy Powell). Depending upon the person's situation, Time Management can be beneficial in one area more than the other. However, Time Management can ideally be effective across all areas of your life. As we know that managing time is an art or act of controlling, we can put this quality in our life and make better use of our time. We all can be more organized and productive if we learn to control the expectations of the world. Time Management is personal. It's not about assimilating another person's methods of managing time. And it's not about trying to please everyone by giving him or her your time. It's about knowing how to you work and what you value so that you can make meaningful and strategical changes that return some balance and piece of mind to your day. ...read more.

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