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Time Management

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Table of Contents Time Management 3 Time Management Audit 3 Analysis 4 * Weekly Time analysis 4 * Pie Graph of weekly time analysis 4 Taking Action 6 Conclusion 7 Appendices 8 Time Management "Time is a scarce resource. It is irreplaceable and irreversible." (Adair, 1988, p1). Time Management is an effective way of organizing how time is spend by putting main priorities ahead of others and keeping track of what needs to be done, to make efficient use of time. It is important to manage your time so that you know what needs to be done and how to be prepared for each days work so that your goals can be achieved. Time management is also effective for employees. For employees who manage their time effectively, it becomes much easier for them to complete their tasks on time. This is because they know what has to be done, what their priorities are and when to do them. There are many ways to manage your time efficiently, but before this can be done, an analysis is required to identify how you spend your time to see what you need to improve. The steps to do this include a time management audit, which is a process on the use of your time, then an analysis to identify how you are currently using your time. ...read more.


The activity that comes after sleep is 18% of socializing. This becomes my least productive period, as the time spend on socializing can be spend on other priorities. Another least productive period is spent on traveling. I spend 5% of my weekly activities driving to and from TAFE, to and from social activities, and to and from work. After socializing, 14% of my activities are my time spent at TAFE, attending most of the classes. This is a high priority as it is helps me to reach my future goals. Only 9% of my weekly activities consist of study, this becomes a major issue, as it is a main priority for TAFE, and will help me to pass and assist me to my future goals. The rest of my time is spent on lunch, dinner and breakfast breaks, working and resting. Which are other necessities to assist me every day. The weekly time analysis assisted me to identify my time management problems, they include: Planning: No daily plan, unclear priorities, and no self imposed deadlines Organizing: Personally disorganized, cluttered desk, untidy notes Controlling: Phone interruptions, too many interests, inability to say no Communication: Too much socializing, unclear communicating Decision Making: Decisions need to be made on how to use my time more effectively The major robbers of my time include socializing, driving and every now and then, sleeping. ...read more.


At the end of each day, the list should be reviewed so that any items that are still to be done can be carried forward to the next day. Try and make sure that the list is at a reasonable size so that there are only a few or no items left at the end of the day. Conclusion From the research carried forward on time management, I have learned how important and effective it can be to manage your time efficiently. A time management audit and analysis helped me to identify how I am currently spending my time, how I should be spending it and my major robbers of time. The results from this assisted me to take action. This is where I discovered effective ways to manage my time, such as a 'to do list', which is a helpful method to organise myself and would benefit by illustrating me with all the tasks which need to be done, prioritizing my tasks in order of importance and satisfying me when the tasks are completed each day. In conclusion, I believe that time management will be very useful for me in the future, and will assist me to achieve my future goals. I also believe that it would be a great benefit for millions of other people around the world who don't know how to manage their time effectively. Time Log Time Activity Planned/Unplanned ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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