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To make our product I had to research key factors on savoury snacks so I used desk and field research to get an idea of what the public wants from a savoury snack

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Managing Directors Report To make our product I had to research key factors on savoury snacks so I used desk and field research to get an idea of what the public wants from a savoury snack; what flavour they prefer, packet size purchase, price influence and their reasons for buying. All of these points in research will help me come to an idea of what direction I will have to take our new product, what the public is looking for, what will make our product unique. The information I had gathered from the internet, shops, tasting panel and questionnaires will have their significance highlighted in this document. Firstly from the questionnaires given out I will be able to report that 42% of the public (144 people) given a questionnaire were 10-16 years of age. I had researched the age range to get an idea of were most of our information was gathered. ...read more.


For a new flavour we need to make it unique so I was thinking of combining some of the requested flavours with each other giving us a new unique flavour. Advertising is a key factor to the sale of our product will be advertising. For my product to sell people will have to know about it and buy it. I had decided to focus on the advertising area for my product and researched the influence it had on people and here are the results. As the chart shows advertising has a great influence on people so we need to think about were we advertise and how we advertise. Most of the people who had filled out the questionnaires were from the younger generation and this gives us the image that it is the younger generation are the main consumers of savoury snacks the most so I have decided to aim our advert towards them. ...read more.


The following graph will show the influence of packaging to the public. According to the results of the questionnaire most people are sometimes influenced by the packaging of the savoury snack but many people were also greatly influenced by the packaging so this highlights that we need to focus on the presentation of our product, the materials must not be flimsy and cheap to avoid easy tearing and the presentation must be unique and stand out to the customer and this will ensure that our product is not mistaken for another. Through my gathered results from research I will think about pricing our savoury snack at 45p for a single pack and �.20 for multi-packs and the new flavour will be based on either a cheesy flavour, spicy flavour or a poultry flavour and from our requested flavours list I will try a few and get a verdict from a tasting panel on which one they prefer and thus starting a new flavour. ...read more.

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