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To present an effective description of a person or place you know well.

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Topic: Descriptive Essay Class: Form IV Objective: To present an effective description of a person or place you know well. Characteristics: i) A descriptive essay has one, clear dominant impression. If, for example a student is describing rainfall, it is important for him/her to decide and to let the examiner know if it is threatening or lovely; in order to have one dominant impression it cannot be both. The dominant impression guides the student's selection of detail and is thereby made clear to the examiner in the main sentence. ii) A descriptive essay can be objective or subjective. For instance, an objective description of one's dog would mention such facts as height, weight, colouring and so forth. A subjective description would include the above details, but would also stress the student's feeling toward the dog, as well as its personality and habits. iii) The purpose of a purely descriptive essay is to involve the examiner enough so he or she can actually visualize the things being described. Therefore, it is important to use specific and concrete details. Conventions i) The descriptive essay relies on concrete, sensory detail to communicate its point. ...read more.


He always gave his staff and the employees more than anyone expected. People came away from payroll usually wishing the rest of the company could be run the same way. Second Draft The payroll office came alive the moment Mr Bob stormed in, usually bearing a sachet of snacks for his employees. Unlike the other supervisors, he rarely used his private office but spent his day roving past our cubicles, answering our questions, showing us shortcuts, and tackling problems we could not figure out. Highly patient, he never lost his temper when an employee banged at the door, waving an incorrect check. Instead, he offered the employee a snack and grabbed the nearest computer. He punched in data like a speed typist while juggling a telephone receiver, checking pay schedules, and asking the employee about his or her family. He worked with the precision of a surgeon and the speed of a racecar driver, bobbing and weaving behind the computer as he sliced through a week of paperwork. Glancing at the clock, he would start to hum, going into overdrive, making it his personal mission to cut a new pay check before the employee's break was over. ...read more.


I figured they were probably shift workers who, for some reason, did not want to go home. Three stools down from the workers, I spotted a thin young man with a mop of curly black hair. He was dressed in new-looking jeans with a black Gap polo shirt, unbuttoned at the neck. He wore a blank expression as he picked at a plate of French fries. I wondered if he had just returned from a disappointing date. At the one occupied booth sat a middle-aged couple. They did not have any food yet. He was staring off into space, idly tapping his spoon against the table, while she drew aimless parallel lines on her paper napkin with a bent dinner fork. Neither said a word to the other. The people in the diner seemed as lonely as the place itself. Finally, a tired-looking waitress approached me with her thick order pad. I ordered the coffee, but I wanted to drink it fast and get out of there. My car, and the solitary miles ahead of me, would be lonely. However, they would not be as lonely as that diner at midnight. ...read more.

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