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to what extent is it important fora business to have a human resource manager

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To what extent it is important for a business to have a human resource manager? In modern business world level of competition is so high that we need to adopt a strategic pro-active approach to business activities. Strategy means evaluation, analysis and planning. It is so crucial to have a specialist decision maker to have possible right and accurate decision. This is normally the role of a manager. To make a difference as per competitors modern business need to focus on what they have specially. If marketing plan, operational procedures can help to make a difference, the real main asset of a business organisation is its human resource. This is considered to be differentiation. A specialist is so needed to work on this crucial and highly strategic issue. We have normally two possibilities; the personnel approach and the human resource approach to workers issue. Because the personnel approach is bureaucratic, not flexible and because it focus on recruitment and selection without considering the need to adopt to be flexible and to train. ...read more.


More often to ensure high productivity and efficiency, training program are offered to the new comers and performance appraisal too. The emphasis on quality, competitiveness and employee participation coupled with the rapid pace of technology and other change, has raised the importance of training. Training is seen as a continuous process occurring throughout a working life. The benefit to the organisation of training staff will be seen in terms of increased in productivity and efficiency, reduce in cost, reduction in accidents, improved quality, developing a culture of learning, encouraging a culture of flexibility, easing skill shortages and planning for succession among others. Furthermore training is not sufficient there should be performance appraisal i.e. a process whereby an individual's performance is reviewed against previously agreed goals and where new goals are agreed that will develop the individual and improve performance over the forthcoming review period. The reasons for appraisal are improve current performance, increase motivation, and identify training needs among others. ...read more.


and training programmes Performance management; improving performance by means of appraisal Reward management; For example, linking pay with performance Motivation; redressing jobs and devising rewards to motivate employees Commitment; The integration of the needs of the individual with those of the organisation Employee relations; Policies and procedures to encourage cooperation to the mutual benefit of all Flexibility; By means of multi skill, redressing jobs and new patterns of work Quality; as a way of life Culture management; Influencing behaviour and thereby attitudes by means of resourcing, performance management and reward strategies But if it is true to say that human resource manager is important, as it has been shown above, we need to note that his importance is not exclusively the concern of the HR manager. All other managers have human resource responsibilities. Their role is also important we will note further that it is almost equally important to ensure business success the roles and activities of all other managerial functions marketing, finance and operations issues are important too. ...read more.

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