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Trade Unions

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Job Roles Shop Assistants - their job would involve restocking shelves, making sure they have enough stock to serve customers, and assist their queries around the store. Section Manager - Arranges shop assistants, would be in charge of stock like what the departments need, they would also make sure their assigned department is running smoothly by handling any major problems. Store Manager - control section manager and make sure the whole store runs smoothly, they'd be in charge of hiring and firing employees and finding ways to improve the stores and the money they make. Warehouse Workers - be in charge of making sure stock is delivered at the right time and place. Director - Controls all the stores, has to find ways to improve profits and improve stores. Marks & Spencer Job Description The Job for working at Marks & Spencer would include serving and taking care of customers. An ideal worker would have to include a nice outgoing personality, high reliability, trustworthy and enthusiastic towards the work they have been given. Looking for shop assistant for Marks & Spencer. Help needed for Christmas Holiday Rush. ...read more.


I will try my best to help. 5/5 If I can't do it, I will ask another member of staff to fill in for me. 3/5 I wont do it. 0/5 Training Induction training is bringing a new employee onto the working premises to meet current members of staff they would be working with, explaining the type of errand they would be running, and showing them around the work place. On-the-job training takes place in a normal working situation, using the actual tools, equipment, documents or materials that pre-trained employees would use. Of-the-Job training includes training away from the working premesis so they can fully focus on the work at hand, and not be distracted by new surroundings and people. Training the staff in an M&S store would be the best option and most reliable because it would be useful to get used to working in busy surroundings with the customers, also they could evaluate current employees doing their job around the store. They could be taught how to use the equiptment and familurize themselves with the location of the store and its certain departments. ...read more.


Class of Membership Subscription Direct Debit Monthly Quarterly (1) Annually (2) Full With Political Fund �154.00 �12.82(3) �38.49(5) �154.00 Without Political Fund �153.30 �12.77(4) �38.32(6) �153.30 1st or 2nd year With Political Fund �77.00 �6.40(7) �19.24(9) �77.00 Without Political Fund �76.65 �6.38(8) �19.16(10) �76.65 Part time 50% (<60% hours)(14) With Political Fund �77.00 �6.40(7) �19.24(9) �77.00 Without Political Fund �76.65 �6.38(8) �19.16(10) �76.65 Part time 25% (<30% hours)(15) With Political Fund �38.50 �3.20(11) �9.62(13) �38.50 Without Political Fund �38.32 �3.19(12) �9.58 �38.32 Associate �21.00 n/a n/a �21.00 Career break �21.00 n/a n/a �21.00 Retired �21.00 n/a n/a �21.00 NASUWT is the UK's largest teachers union. NASUWT membership is available to: * Teachers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and in-service schools in Germany and Cyprus. * Teachers in all sectors from early years to further education. * Teachers employed in the maintained and independent sector. * Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers. * Students who are studying for a teaching qualification. * Other persons whose contracts of employment require them to teach, lecture or instruct. ...read more.

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