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Trafford centreFirst choice hyper market a comparision

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Trafford centre First choice hyper market Security At the Trafford centre there are 322 CCTV cameras examining the inside and outside of the centre. There is a room where they are constantly monitored 24/7. They also have non-uniformed security walking around with the public to ensure their safety. There are 13 CCTV cameras at the hypermarket there is a tv monitor at the front of the customer care desk. But when it is busy nobody is looking at it so things can be robbed or people injured with out being seen. I think they should have someone monitoring the screen constantly and have a security guard in the shop. However there is a guard walking around the car park. ...read more.


In these spaces they have disabled and coach spaces there is also a cycle park. There are security guards walking about and CCTV cameras to keep check on your car. And to make sure it is safe. If you have a problem with your car they provide a free break down service. The car park is well sign posted and easy accessible they also have an electronic signpost to show how many free spaces there is. The hypermarket has free carparking but is too small and is hard to get in and out of because of the traffic lights. The car park has a 1-way system and there Is a guard walking about to ensure your cars safety. ...read more.


The uniform at the hypermarket is the same every where they have a pink jacket black trousers /skirt and white shirt with black shoes. The uniform is very bright and cheerful and easy to notice. Facilities available The Trafford centre has many facilities such as the food court where they provide many different varieties of foods. They also put on shows and dances. Within the Trafford centre there are many toilets and vending machines. Through out the Trafford centre there are seating areas. In the hypermarket they have 1 toilet for everyone to share I think they need at least 1 for each sex. They provide a seating area with vending machines for when your waiting to been seen. They have interactive activities for you to do around the market and a separate section for foreign exchange so you can go straight to it. ...read more.

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