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Training at Richer Sounds.

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Training at Richer Sounds Why richer sounds think training and development is so important Richer sounds are very keen in giving each and every colleague training to develop their skills. They also believe training and development to colleagues can give following reason - Their colleague can give better customer service only if they are trained how to give an excellent service - The customer would also gain benefit because they can obtain special advices on any particular product, such as customer can what product is more worth to buy in less amount of money and the quality the product features - Their colleagues will also benefit in working such as finding their jobs interesting and challenging and also as these colleagues get trained they would improve their skills and so now they could also ask for a promotion - Richer sounds will benefit in ways such as their colleagues will stay longer working with them because they will be also developing skills and also gaining more customers due to better customer service given and ...read more.


this stage colleagues can win the gold award and they can only take in part if they have been to 12 or more listening sessions Some manufacturer who makes their equipmet the company sells also gives technical training. This training is usually taken by mangers only who then teaches their colleagues Management training Richer Sounds have an internal promotion policy, which means that colleagues who wish to progress their careers up to a manger level than they must have passed this level. However his does not make them get promoted straight but in future if there is a vacancy for a managers position then they can apply for a promotion Any colleague can apply to take this training and normally there a\re no refuses made for a colleague not to attend this course. This is because Richer Sounds wants their colleagues to develop more skills themselves. This course include: - Managing and motivating other colleagues - Learning how to interview candidates - All disciplinary rules - How to deal with customer and their problems - ...read more.


safety training when they first start and in later time when they need the training Training at induction During the induction course all colleagues learn the following: - The guidelines for working with display screen equipments - The correct way to lift up loads - To know how to carry out electrical checks on wires or plugs - Dealing with aggressive customers - Dealing when there would be a cause of fire - Personal health and welfare Training for warehouse managers and their colleagues Special training is given to colleagues and managers of the warehouse such as the use of fork lift truck, how to control them Training for managers and companies associate directors In the management development course it covers the health and safety rules but in this course the rules are in relation to the managers responsibilities All associate directors are given a Britannia course, which covers how to carry out risk assessments First Aid Training Any colleague that wishes to attend this course of being trained first aiders can if they wont ...read more.

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