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Training of StaffAll Comet Sales Staff undergo a full induction programme to build the worker's confidence and increase company knowledge. Comet also has Product Knowledge Road Shows for its staff

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Pre Sales Preparations Recruiting Staff Comet recruits and trains the right people. They do not look for people with high intelligence and have a lot of qualifications but look for people who have good interpersonal skills and are capable to sell a product. They also usually look fro people who have the skills needed for selling products. Training of Staff All Comet Sales Staff undergo a full induction programme to build the worker's confidence and increase company knowledge. Comet also has Product Knowledge Road Shows for its staff. Comet Sales Advisers are given in store product knowledge guides. Comet works closely with product suppliers. The product suppliers pay regular visits to ensure that the Sales Advisers' knowledge is right and up to date. ...read more.


Comet staff usually leaves the customer to wander around the shop on their own so they do not seem intrusive and suspicious. The sales adviser then, guides the customer through Comets product range, giving customers all the advice and time they need to make informed choices. Comet teaches their staff to maintain a positive attitude throughout the sale. They are taught not to judge customers by their appearance or gender as this may offend customers. Selling the product Comet staff are taught not to use jargon or very professional terminology. However some customers get offended when Sales Advisers use very simple vocabulary. They are also taught to be truthful about products and not exaggerate on the products' performance as this is against the Sales of Goods Act. ...read more.


Store Preparation Comet produces catalogues, which are placed at the store entrance; this makes it easy for customers to see them. Comet also has in store displays, which are normally orange and black; these colours are identifiable with Comet. Comet does not employ people to give out their leaflets as this sometimes annoys customers. I think Comet could post their catalogues to people's homes to encourage people to buy Comet's products. The price information of products on sale is usually clearly shown beneath or above the product on shelves, any other promotions are shown are included too. This sometimes confuses customers, as it is not clear whether the information is about the product below or above the shelf. ...read more.

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