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Types of Business- The Post office:Franchise

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Franchise The Post Office A franchise is a business based upon the name, logo and trading methods of an existing company. The franchisee is the person who runs the business. In this situation a business is started using the name of a well-known organisation. The owner of the small business (the franchisee) pays the larger company (the franchisor) a share of the profit and a fee to use the name. In return, he or she is given help and support to run the business. Examples of franchise business include, McDonalds, KFC, The Body Shop, and Toni and Guy. A franchisor is the company who have allowed the franchise to use their company name E.g. McDonalds. A Franchisee is the owner of the business who has used the company name to start their business. ...read more.


It also makes the brand recognised bringing a big customer base, more brand awareness. Mr and Mrs Rashid, the franchisees have to pay a one off starting cost to own the rights of the brand. The work is being shared; The Post Office, Franchisor, doesn't do all the work in the company. The disadvantages are that the franchisor has to trust other people with their business, if something goes wrong in the franchisees behalf the franchisor is affected in some ways e.g. bad press for the brand. The Post Office has to supple Mrs and Mrs Rashid, the franchisees, with supplies and products as well as necessary training and recipes, so that it stays with the brands identity. There are many advantages and disadvantages for the Mr and Mrs Rashid, the franchisees. ...read more.


. The main purpose of The Post Office and Mr and Mrs Rashid's' business is that it is system for the posting, receipt, sorting and handling transmission for the delaying of the mail, banking and postage stamps, all at a cost to ultimately to make as much profit overall. The Franchisor currently owns 12,000 post office branches across the UK. There are large stores across the UK and were paid 1.7 billion by the government to make a profit by 2011.Mrs Rashid doesn't have any employees and she has only ones store. Because this franchise offers a useful service its scale is all around the uk, national. Mrs Rashid has only one store and is at a local scale. Mr and Mrs didn't mention how much stock/money their turnover. The post office Brand offers a large variety of services to the British public so this, and Mr and Mrs Rashid's, business would operate in the tertiary sector. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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