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Types of Online Presence

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Daniel Shahrezaey Types of Online Presence Unit 8: Doing Business Online Date of issue: w/c 4th May 2009 Date of submission: 28th May 2009 Task 1 (P1) Describe three different business organisations and activities operating online. (B2B, B2C) Amazon= Amazon is a brick and click business this means that it can only be connected through the internet and it has got a wide range of consumers who are mainly over 18 (you will not be able to purchase goods from the internet) Name of Online Business: Amazon Target market: Amazon target customers of any age who have an interest in just about anything from books to furniture to toys to clothes. They used to be an online bookstore and so that's where their sales were based on. Who are their competitors? Although they are online their competitors are companies such as Argos, Whsmiths, and Waterstones. What is the online business's offer? They sell products such as books, computer games, and electronics and home furnishings. Do I think that the website is effective and why? I think that Amazon's website is effective because it is easy to use, the look and feel of it warms to me as I believe it feels like it is ideal for me to browse on. The structure of the website is well supported because it shows me in straight points what each product has to offer and how much they are Name of Online Business: Misco Target Market: ...read more.


Security is important for both parties- the user and the person who is buying items off the website. The reason being is because the customer needs to be careful about distributing their personal details about themselves online because anyone could steal the details and someone could steal their identity and pretend to be the owner of the card. Also the website may be insecure. Everyone knows about the credit crunch and the recession and they may not want to purchase things online using a credit or debit card. Legal Issues There are some laws that the owner of the website will need to abide by. They are the "Trade Description Act", "Sales of Goods Act" and the "Consumer Protection Act". If the website owner is having images or worded information distributed on the website they have to be complied with the copyright act. The reason being is because whatever they have put on their website they have to make sure that it isn't a part of someone else's work, otherwise the actual owner could press charges and want to sue the owner for copyright infringement and may have to come up with a hell of a lot of money for payment. The benefits of doing business online are: � You can communicate with customers and suppliers via email � You can advertise the services and products online on a search engine for a small fee � Your business can operate for all hours � ...read more.


faulty or not delivered properly and then taken back to the courier, then a note is left with the customer explaining that their product will be located at the couriers office or a local post office nearby. The next recommendation that I would make is that the website owner should have a customer services department on the website that deals with any complaints that come in. I believe that this is a main priority as if the customer has a feeling that there is nobody to talk to in person or via email, they may feel cheated out of the money that they parted with and spent on whatever the product was that they intended to purchase for whatever reason it happens to be. The next recommendation that I think is up for mentioning is the money and buying system that is on the website that is being implementated. This should include a credit and debit card payment service that should be done by a service called "PayPal" or any other similar way of payment that is available. The last issue that I am going to talk about is the ICT on the website. The ICT qualified technicians should make sure that there are always constant checks made on the website. They should make sure that there is nothing wrong with the website and I recommend that there should be a full maintenance check that happens often. Daniel Shahrezaey Doing Business Online Assignment One ...read more.

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