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Understanding Business

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Coursework Task 1A - An overview of the main activities of the business, its aims and objectives, the type of ownership and the liabilities of the owners. Introduction * As part of my applied business GCSE, I have been asked to compare two different companies. The two companies I am going to compare are Nike and Mc Donald's. Nike is an ltd, while McDonald's is a Franchise. At the end of this course I aim to get a better understanding of how businesses run. A quick note At the beginning of this coursework I decided to choose the company Adidas as my second business. Later on in the project I came to a decision that I wanted to change this to McDonalds. However, during the process of Adidas, I sent off an email asking if they could send me a student pack and soon after received a reply. (Reply can be found in the appendix.) Activities of business (Mc Donald's) McDonald's offer a range of many different food and drinks such as: * Burgers * Drinks (fruit juice, water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea etc.) * Onion rings * Toasted sandwiches * Chicago works meals * Chips * Apple pies * Fruit * Milkshakes McDonalds also offer a range of foods for breakfast which include: * Egg * Bacon * Coffee * Tea * Hot chocolate * Muffins * Sausage * Apple pies McDonalds also partake in different activities such as: * Organising birthday parties * Bouncy castles * Costumes * A separate area in many of their restaurants dedicated to parties alone. McDonald's also play a part in activities like advertising their business by using their slogan "IM LONVIN IT". In addition, McDonald's offer raw materials for instance: Cups Wrappers Containers Cutlery Party hats and models of McDonald's stores were designed and made. Dance, role play and the use of money, poetry, report writing and science investigations also developed through the McDonald's theme. ...read more.


Nike also sells shoes for outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, skateboarding, soccer, baseball, football, bicycling, volleyball, wrestling, cheer leading, aquatic activities, auto racing and other athletic and recreational uses. Place Nike has sold its commodities to more than 20,000 in the U.S. and in 140 countries in the world. What these areas are for (McDonald's) Human resources - The health, strength, talents, education and skills that humans can use to produce goods and services: also called human capital. Finance - The commercial activity of providing funds and capital, or the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets. Administration - Provides important support services to other departments in the same business, but not all administration departments are the same. McDonald's follow a simple company structure which leads their functional areas: * Operations (equipment and franchising) * Development (property and construction) * Finance (supply chain and new product development) * Marketing (sales marketing) * Human Resources (customer services, personnel, hygiene and safety) Operation McDonald's have been the leading food service company in the world, for quiet a while. McDonald's regard themselves as a very important global food service seller. With more than 30,000 restaurants serving more than 47 million people each day in 121 countries, it makes McDonald's very hard to compete with. In 1974 McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the UK, as of 31 December 2001, McDonald's and its franchisees operated over 1,184 restaurants in the UK. Finance In the last five years, McDonald's have made an increasing amount of profit in different retail outlets. 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 No of restaurants 836 928 1016 1117 1184 Pre-tax profit (�m) 100.2 82.3 127.9 137.5 141.4 McDonald's have 5 main food ingredients: This accounts for �255million of food expenditure. * Beef * Chicken * Bread * Potatoes * Milk Marketing In September 2003, McDonald's agreed a deal containing the pop star Justin Timberlake. ...read more.


New restaurants - focusing on the development of new restaurants to: * Minimize the impact on the environment of local communities * Minimize the environmental impact of construction itself Our employees - focusing on training, and communicating with our employees to: * Increase the environmental awareness and relevant skills of all who work for McDonald's Communications - focusing on communicating out environmental policy and procedures to: Increase the environmental awareness of our suppliers and our customers Improve liaison with local communities and their representatives. McDonalds have made it clear that they do not, have not and will not purchase beef from rain forest or recently deforested rain forest land. Economic constraints Such economic constraints such as price changes can affect Nike because this then means that if the prices of petrol where to increase, then Nike would have to up the prices for the customers and for the business itself. Another example of economic constraints affecting a business is with the finance department of McDonalds. If the exchange rates of the money changes, then as a result McDonalds would then have to pay more for their raw materials or up the selling prices. Environmental constraints Environmental constraints can also affect a business such as McDonalds; this is because their may be a law in the particular area of which McDonalds is located. The law may be that litter and waste on the streets are to be reduced by a certain amount. Therefore McDonalds may have to change their bags to reusable bags. This is an example of environmental constraints with McDonalds. Another real life example of environmental constraints is that Nike's delivery vans and Lorries may run on such petrol that causes pollution towards the environment. As a result, Nike may have to buy new delivery transportations which will be run on different petrol that do not cause as much harm to the environment. ?? ?? ?? ?? George A Eghator task 1A Page 1 of 23 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Business, Companies and Organisation, Activity section.

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