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Understanding employers and employees rights and responsibilities.

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Unit 2 People and Business Section 4 Understanding employers and employees rights and responsibilities In this section I will talk how the Thorpe Park expects employees to perform and how contracts of employment are negotiated. Thorpe Park is legally obliged to pay the basic minimum wage, which is �4.06. However, they pay over and above the minimum wage, which is �4.70 per hour. For those employees that wish to, there is a possibility to progress their careers. All the employees on salaries are within certain salary bands, which are structured as A/B/C/D and E, which band A is the lowest of salaries. The employees who are in charge of a group of staff, for example 4-5 people, they would have a higher salary, for the higher responsibility. ...read more.


This is the law, so they must be obeyed. If an employee feels they need grievance there is a step of steps that needs to followed by head of Human Resources, if it's not followed by the manager or boss, the employees filing for grievance has something to fall back on, and in some serious cases it can be held in court. There are always troubles or tribunals between an employer and an employee. An employer expects from its employee punctuality and the basic requirements. Also, an employee expects from his employer respect and the minimum wage. If these are followed, then a business can be run well. If an employee doesn't get any of these basic requirements, and they are stated in their contract, they have the right to ask for them. ...read more.


The employee must then agree to this and the contract must be typed and the details must be finalized. After this, they must be signed by the employer and employee, after the signatures, they cannot be changed. If the contract is changed, or the employee is not getting what is stated in the contract, he has the chance is negotiate. If the employer breaks the contact it is good evidence in court, and keeps a permanent history of their last jobs. In another way its bad, For example, an employee may not find their job as they expected and want to get out, but cannot because their contract states they must carry on working. This means they cannot quit their job until their contract terminates. To void a contract they must go through several stages to do this. If the employer needs this employee, then they may not want to void the contract. Samuel Steward 10th October 2003 ...read more.

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