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Unit 1 investigating business

Extracts from this document...


Introduction 1 Aims and objectives page 2 Objectives and activities page 3 Smart Objective 4 Stakeholder 5 Aims and Objectives 6 Meeting aims and objective 7 Making changes 8 Business activities 9 HR (human resources) function 10 Administration function 11 Marketing function 12 Finance function 13 ICT function 14 Communication 15 Internal communication 16 External communication 17 Ownership and liability 18 Location 19 Impact of location 20 Competitors 21 The internet and competition 22 Customer profile 23 The business cycle 24 Interest rate 25 Exchange rate 26 The Euro 27 Environmental constrains 28 For this assignment I am going to investigate two very successful and profitable companies. The two companies I have chosen to investigate are McDonalds and JD sports. The areas I will investigate are; 1. Activities, aims and objective 2. Functional areas and communication 3. ownership and Location 4. External influences Firstly I will find out what the business main activities are, their aims and objective and how they meet it. Then I will identify their functional areas and how their use it also how these functional areas communicate with each other. I will find out type of ownership the business is and why they have want to be that type of ownership. Also I will the locations of the business and the reasons for their choice of location. Finally I will look at the external influences on both companies such as competition. MY first company I have chosen to investigate JD sports in London. JD Sports is one of the largest chains of shops providing sports and leisure clothing. They have well over 300 stores, located in various towns and cities across the United Kingdom. JD Sports was founded back in the early 80's and the first outlet opened its doors to the public in December 1981, in Bury. The name JD is derived from the first letter of the two founders' names, John and David. ...read more.


Also the public own bits of the company. It's appropriate for McDonalds to be a LTD because they don't went to sell shares to the public because the owners want to keep full control of the business. It is also appropriate as they only have limited liability. They have staffs who take of the CAPITAL and they have loads of CAPITAL. They make more CAPITAL and if the companies in debt the shareholders only lose the money they invested in the company. McDonalds in Greenwich is on a busy site so lots of people are likely to be in the area and they will use McDonalds. McDonalds is usually located close to their competitors e.g. Burger King, so it's more likely people is in the area to buy take away food. There is also good transport. Also they have driver-thru so it's easy for customers. It's appropriate for JD sports to be a PLC because they can sell shares to the public and they make more CAPITAL by doing this. It is also appropriate as they only have limited liability. They have staffs that take care of the CAPITAL and if the companies in debt the shareholders only lose the money they invested in the company. JD sports in Greenwich is located near their competitors sports world and JJB, it's also on a busy site so people are more likely to get there. There are also good transport links so it's easy for costumers to get there. They located near their competitors mainly because more people go there and they will in JD sports. Location McDonalds The reason why McDonalds in Greenwich is located near main roads and in a very busy site is because lots of people go there for shopping and they are more likely to go in McDonalds e.g. if someone goes to WHsmith to get a magazine they might go to McDonalds for food. ...read more.


I have also learned that location is very important and all companies like to be near customers. They are many functional areas in a business; some businesses have more than other companies. The HR function is one of the most important functions it's responsible for paying, employing and firing of the employers .All business has to make changes to be more effective, for example JD sports could be more effective by opening shops worldwide. Business are different types of ownership, JD sports is public limited company, which means the do offer shares to public .whilst McDonalds is private limited company, which means they don't offer shares to public. The major thing that affects business these days is competition, many businesses of the same type battle for customers. McDonald's main competitors are KFC, Burger King and subway. On the other hand, JD sports main competitors are JJB, Foot Locker and sports world. The internet and competition. The internet is exposing McDonalds to a wider field of competitors because they can advertise on the internet and they also have a website about the business and what is available e.g. offers. Also the internet is exposing JD sports to a wider field of competition because they have a buy online system unlike some of their competitors this gets them more customers, and its also easier for customers to buy stuff, they don't have to get out of their house to buy. Another major problem business is environmental constrains, the reason why its is a problem for McDonalds is because McDonalds Waste products make more waste for the community and plastic strews and lids hard to get rid of. And JD sports cause light pollution caused by to much unnecessary lighting From this assignment I have learnt businesses are every complex and they have too many things to make the business successfully and to help the business survive. Sources http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215505/who.htm www.bized.ac.uk www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize www.mcdonalds.co.uk www.jdsports.co.uk http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A593525 www.wikopedia.com GCSE in Applied Business - Neil Denby and Peter Thomas Work sheet Own Knowledge ?? ?? ?? ?? Hassan Hassan ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Case Studies section.

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