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Unit 2 - Developing Customer Service

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Unit 2 - Developing Customer Service Introduction Every business has customer service, customer service is a service that provides a service that consistently meets or exceeds customer needs. For examples a company like Sainsburys may offer home delivery service for its customers. I have chosen to investigate Sainsburys; Sainsburys is a supermarket which sells food and drinks; these are the core business activities. They also sell electrical products, clothes, furniture and stationary. The company is a PLC which has many shareholders. The company has branches across the UK. The company has limited liability, this means should the business go into bankruptcy the shareholders will only loose the amount they invested into the business. ...read more.


This gives to customer the option to buy online and have the goods delivered to them. Customer information section deals with customers queries and is a help service for the customers. Three kinds of Customers There are three types of customers' internal, intermediate and external customers. Internal customers are customers within the business who work for the company. One internal customer of Sainsburys is its staff. The staffs are the people who work for Sainsburys and also buy their products. Intermediate customers are customers in the middle of the chain, regularly they are distributors who buy products and sell it on to retailers. One example of intermediate customers in Sainsburys are its supplies, the companies who supply Sainsburys and then buy products from them. ...read more.


They advertise to ensure customers are informed. They use large signs and distinguishing product display methods to attract the customer's in store. Floor staffs are trained to deal with basic customer quires and also have a customer service staffs who deal with more complex quires. The expectations are met by marketing, advertising, cost and ensuring that all its products are at outstanding quality. Using marketing and advertising to identify user expectations and reasonably pricing at high quality to meet customer expectation of value for money. Examples of Sainsburys meeting the needs and expectations are advertising on television, newspapers, magazines and internet to keep customers informed about sales and low prices. Sainsburys have customer services desks at stores to deal with customer's queries, leaflets and questionnaires to encourage customer input in improvement to business. ...read more.

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