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Unit 5 - Customer Services A lvl

Extracts from this document...


Contents Introduction Within this unit I am going to investigate customer services by investigating the organisation and its customers by the general impact of customers of both new and old on the overall organisation, also the difference between internal and external customers, the expectations of the organisation's customers and how customer's expectations would affect the degree of the overall customer service. Also I am going to monitor how effective the business customer service is such as evaluating the staff's appearance, their prompt services, helpfulness, reliability, accuracy of information, teamwork, training and more. Also I will be observing the layout and overall tidiness and accessibility of the premise. Also the service that the business provides with their products and the overall services provided and more. I will also be monitoring how the business maintain and improve customer service and how they keep their customers, such as knowing knowledge of internal complaints procedures, the use of customer service charters and codes of practice, monitoring customer service complaints and a lot more. I will also understand the customer service legislation by learning the key concepts of up to date UK and EU legislation and understanding the implications of business organisations not complying with the UK abd EU legislation. Questionnaire 1. Who are your internal customers? (colleagues, other departments, service providers.) 2. Who are your external customers? (individuals, families, different ages, different cultures.) 3. How do you monitor the needs of different customers? (age, sex, socio-economic factors, disabilities, language problems, lifestyle) 4. How do the customer expectations affect the degree of customer service, eg compare complex expensive or essential products/services with simple inexpensive or non-essential products/services. 5. How do you carry out your complaint procedure? 6. How does the help of customer service charters/ codes of practice help the business? 7. How do you monitor customer service and complaints? 8. How do you go about reviewing and recommending changes to your customer service procedures? 9. What loyalty schemes or club discounts do you offer to your customers? ...read more.


People with special dietary needs would shop at ASDA because of the fact that they provide a range of different food which can be purchased for all different dietary needs such as vegan's and vegetarians for example. ASDA helps to meet the needs of this customer is by being able to cater for different general dietary needs allowing to meet the needs to all of their customers. Pre-transactional, Transactional, and Post-transactional Pre-transactional Before customers visit ASDA they would expect a fairly big parking space ready for their customers to use the car park. Customers would also expect the car park to be clean useable ready for opening times. The customers would also expect ASDA to actually be open when they actually say they will be open. The customers would also expect trolleys to be available from trolley points from the car park and also located ready to use at the main entrance of the ASDA. Customers would also expect ASDA to fully stock their shelves before opening the store. Customers would also expect a number of employees to be working on the shop floor ready to help them when needed. Another thing that customers would expect to see are the opening and closing times stated clearly somewhere within or outside of ASDA. Transactional Whilst browsing around ASDA customers would generally expect all the shelves to be stacked whilst they are there ready for them to actually get on with their shopping and potentially no gaps in the shelves. The tills would also be required to be open whilst the customer would be browsing through the shop floor ready for them to serve the customers for when they would wish to purchase their items and also potentially hardly any ques to que behind. The customers would also expect employees to be working on the shop floor as well. Post-Transactional ASDA's customers would expect ASDA to also have an after customer service plan as if the customers have any queries or problems about ASDA's products of general services it would allow customers to get in contact with the business. ...read more.


For example if the supplier does not carry out the work with reasonable care and the general skill required then this would be comply against the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. The consumer would then have the overall right to claim compensation from the supplier for their failure to carry out what was initially agreed. This act would ensure that the customer would Trades Descriptions Act 1968 The Trades Descriptions Act 1968 generally makes it an offence if a trader applies a false trade description to any goods. Also if a false statement about the general product or service would also go against this act. Food Safety Act 1990 The Food Safety Act 1990 aims to guard consumers by preventing ill health from the consumption of food and also by preventing the business from misleading the consumer from the original food that the consumer would have purchased. Disability Discrimination Act The Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against those that would be classed of having a disability, in connection with employment and the overall provision of goods, facilities and the services offered by the general business. Sale of Goods Act 1979 The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes sure that traders must sell goods that are described to either more or a general satisfactory quality. If traders do not meet these requirements then the consumer would generally have the right to ask for their money back and also reject the overall unsatisfactory product providing they do it within the time limit given. They also have the rights to ask for a repair, replacement or generally claim compensation. 3. Possible consequences of non-compliance with all relevant legislation and standards, using specific examples wherever possible. 3. Requirements for a safe and secure working environment Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Public Liability Training - Evacuation The office of fair trading, trading standards departments competition commissions ASA www.Instituteofcustomerservice.com ?? ?? ?? ?? Brendajit Chahal Candidate Number: 2031 Centre Number: 20602 - 1 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Case Studies section.

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