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Used car purchase plan.

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Year 12 Multistrand Science Unit: LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE Assignment topic: USED CAR PURCHASE PLAN Due Date: Monday June 2, 2003 TEACHER: Mr Lumsden By Robyn Carrington Budget: The budget for this assignment was $6000. With this money we were to cover all purchasing, insurance costs as well as the cost of the car. Vehicle Requirements: "the right car for you?" For my age I decided that I wanted a trustworthy car. A model and make that was known for its reliability and durability. I also wanted a manual (5 speed) car as the run better and keep the driver concentrated on driving, as they need to be thinking about the gears. As my car will only be used for private transport (i.e. trips to work, occasional for school and the rare trip to the coast with friends) I do not need a top quality car. If I was looking for one that would be used for longer distance trips and I would be using more frequently, I would be after a car with low mileage and a very good heavy-duty, well-built engine. However as mine is only used occasionally, mileage is not as important to me. I also looked at the colour for the car. Due to the climate and heat in Queensland I would prefer a lighter coloured car as it will not be as affected but the heat as say a black car. ...read more.


Along with that insurance of the cars being thoroughly checked, you can also be sure there wile b no insurance attachments that owners have forgotten to leave out, and the chance of you being left with debts and other payments in your name is very minimal. Current Advertisements: Attached is 5 current advertisements labelled appendix 1 through to appendix 5. Three of these advertisements are from the internet site, www.drive.com.au . The other two are from the 'Courier Classifieds' Monday 12th May. The average price of my vehicles is $ 4040 showing that all my cars are in the appropriate costing bracket. Vehicle Inspection: Vehicle inspections can be done by RACQ to help you check the condition of a car. During the inspection the following things are checked, lights, brakes, windscreen wipers, indicators, steering wheel, seat belts, seats, boot space and its condition engine, rust, paint etc. We were given a run through of these details when RACQ representatives came to our school in the first term. Purchase Costs: The purchase price of the car is not the only costs we have to look at when buying a car. Stamp duty, registration transfer fees and pre-purchase/roadworthy costs are also important and unavoidable costs. Stamp duty for cars in Queensland is 2% of the market value for that car as stated on the website . ...read more.


Registration in Queensland as stated on the website http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/04/29/1051381949510.html is $315.25. This is a yearly cost which needs to be taken into account. Fuel has been on average around 80c over the last few weeks, and cars usually need to be refuelled around once every week. RACQ membership as mentioned is only free for the first 12 months, after this it costs half price for the next two years. After this the regular price applies which can vary depending on the type of membership you chose. There are three RACQ levels, the 'club care' 'plus care' and 'ultra care'. Prices do vary which can be seen attached labelled 9, with eligibility, local benefits and travel benefits. Regular maintenance costs and servicing charges can vary with each visit. They must be done regularly to make sure the engine is carefully looked after. For my car a estimate of about $130 for service charges is standard, this needs to be done about every 5000kms. Unfortunately my car does not come with a warranty as it is an old car. However I do feel that due to my costing and the price of my car I can defiantly afford to buy and insure this car. With the left over money I can get registration and afford to fuel my car. Maintenance costs can be high so the left over money can also be put towards any expenses I may come across early on. ...read more.

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