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Using the information from the items and elsewhere describe and explain the view that 'new Vocationalism' was necessary and has been a success.

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New Vocationalism Essay Using the information from the items and elsewhere describe and explain the view that 'new Vocationalism' was necessary and has been a success. The term 'new Vocationalism' describes the view that education should primarily meet the needs of the economy. The introduction of new Vocationalism required a number of educational policy changes including the introduction of Youth Training Schemes (YTS) and more recently, General National Vocational Qualifications (GNVQ). This view stems from the notion that young people are ill-prepared for work because they have limited work experience, and as a consequence are not looked on favourably by potential employers. Because of these reasons it was seen as necessary action to introduce into Britain New Vocationalism to give young people the required work experience. ...read more.


One of the earliest sociological accounts of Youth Training comes from Finn, who claimed that Youth Training was introduced to reduce the number of young people who were registering as unemployed and even though this may be seen as a success, he argued that making young people go on Youth Training Schemes reduced the unemployment statistics, and made the government's performance look better. The work of Clarke and Willis also lends credibility to Finn's arguments. Clarke and Willis claim that young people are kept in suspended animation when they enter New Vocationalism. This means that they are kept on ice until work becomes available. Philip Cohen's study of Youth Training Schemes also supports Finn. Cohen claims that the view that youth unemployment is the result of young people's lack of training is false. ...read more.


Finally, he cites 'warehousing', which tends to be found in areas of high unemployment. This type of scheme takes youth with the lowest qualifications and offers little opportunity for permanent employment. In conclusion, sociological accounts of New Vocationalism have generally been negative. Only Roberts has offered a wide examination of Youth Training, identifying both benefits and disadvantages of Youth Training. Despite his findings, even Roberts concludes that the best way to occupational success is via an academic route. However, Roberts' colleague, Moore, believes that New Vocationalism has won the ideological battle with traditional liberal education. At present the recruitment policies of employers and traditional universities support Roberts' account of New Vocationalism, but the fact that new universities are welcoming applicants from GNVQ students supports Moore. Nevertheless, it appears that the GNVQ has many battles ahead in the question to be seen as a real alternative to the A-Level. Claire Newby Sociology ...read more.

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