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Village Volvo is an independed service operation that provides quality repair service on out of warranty Volvo at reasonable c

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Village Volvo Case 1. Village Volvo is an independent service operation that provides quality repair service on out of warranty Volvo at reasonable cost. The shop was build in suburb in the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately, it is not centrally and conveniently located for all of the customers, however a daily shuttle service is considered, since no alternate transportation is presently available. Village Volvo is based in a new butler building that has four work bays, plus the office, storage and the waiting room. They designed the waiting area with comfortable chairs, with TV sets, coffee, soft drinks, magazines and local newspaper. With 22 years of training and great deal of experience, Volvo is known for their satisfactory service. This operation offers a custom car service that is not normally available at the local service. They consistently maintain the set schedule for the clients who need a quick routine service, but they push clients to make appointments for repair of detailed problem. ...read more.


They also expended their services of other service providers who for example can assist further with recycling of used parts and waste products. Village Volvo's experiences staff; the mechanics and the service managers are fully accessible to their clients. They provide a detail service from the beginning until the end and beyond. 3. A nature of the Service Act in Village Volvo falls into tangible actions as services directed at goods and other physical possessions. Their service is delivered in their facility that clients must travel to, although he does not necessary need to be present during the repair, the customer is present. The relationship with Customers is continuous delivery of service, sort of a membership relationship, where the company has a database of their clients. Village Volvo keeps and maintains the file on each vehicle on services for the regular as well as the new customers. It helps to keep the track of the all repairs and follow up or the remainders on any upcoming jobs as tune-ups, oil changes etc. ...read more.


Village Volvo already provides a detail, superior service however, I would suggest being more flexible. As we found out in the case, the hours are strictly set and the appointments are essential. The other issue is their location, perhaps I would choose more centralized place for the next Village Volvo shop. Finally, due to its location and no alternate transportation offered maybe they could think of something like a family package or little entertaining service for the kids. Many parents or single parents may consider and run their "car errands" on the weekends, when there is no school. The ideal situation would be to drop off the car and have a little time to play or put the kid in the "car school" where the children can drive a little plastic cars, learn the road rules and the signs, play the bus/ car/ gas station...etc. The kids would love it and parents can easily run the errands with their children and spend some more time together. This way the Village Volvo would definitely differentiate from Volvo dealers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lecturer: John Ogasian Katarina Futova MGT 4415 Project Management and Service Operations Management ...read more.

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