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What are structured interviews? Why should managers use structured interviews?

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MGTC24 Writing Assignment 1. What are structured interviews? Why should managers use structured interviews? When employees need to hire people who are qualified to perform a job they frequently screen interviewees by commonly asked interview questions that have no significant impact on the job itself. The introduction of a structured interview has eliminated the possible obstacles that most unstructured interviews posses. A structured interview is merely a set of specific, job-relevant questions that tap into critical aspects of the job. The questions are based upon an analysis of the job and the qualifications desired in successful candidates. Key characteristics, skills, and abilities are identified and structured interview questions are then written to address these areas. The responses to the questions can then be evaluated and scored using a specially designed rating scale. To create a structured interview, the information about the job is obtained and analyzed to create a detailed job description. This is a significant part in creating a structured interview. The job description should identify what are the responsibilities that a certain job possesses. Questions are created in such a way that there is a relationship with the job description and the interviewees' skills and experiences. There are certain types of interview questions that are asked during a structured interview such as clarifiers, disqualifiers, skill-level determiners, situational questions, pattern behaviour description questions and organizational fit questions. Managers should use structured interviews for several reasons. One reason is that it increases the validity of the selection process. Since the questions are job relevant there is a smaller risk of interviewer biases and higher quality of information is obtained. ...read more.


2) What did you mean by acted as a "bank" for the amusement park? Two skill level questions that could be asked: 1) Say you are analyzing different forms and data and there was a slight discrepancy in the data that was given to you. What could be a possible error? 2) What would be a key tool that you would use to analyze data? Danish Zahid clarifier questions: 1) I can see from the resume that you are a navel officer of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. In your resume you stated that you teach objectives to new recruits, what types of objectives do you teach to the new recruits? 2) You received the salesmen of the month award while working at The Bay; can you tell me more about it? Skill-level determiner questions: 1) I can see from your resume that you are proficient in Microsoft Excel. This is a program that we use quite often, how would create a standard report? 2) Working at PCI Geomatics you have learned to balance the daily cash flow, we have a similar system applied to our inventory and cost analysis. What do you think would be a likely cause if our inventory and overhead costs are under allocated? 6. Using your in-class group effort as a basis, identify at least 2 past-focused and 2 future-focused questions that you used in your mock interview? When identifying questions involving critical incidents, identify benchmark answers and anchors. Indicate whether you would use the typical answer or the key issue approach to benchmark your answers and why? ...read more.


She assumed that once the problem was identified it would simply fix itself. Question 5: - acknowledged that this is a serious problem - recognized the need to speak to the person about this issue - demonstrated honesty in communicating information - the issue was dealt in a professional manner - there was no confrontation Like Danish, Diana covered her all the criteria except one. She realized that she needed to speak her colleague about this issue. She demonstrated honesty by telling her colleague how she felt. Furthermore there was no indication of hostile of confrontational behaviour Question 6: - realization that the project can not be finished - widened the options by going to other people for help - speaking with the supervisor in charge of the project and working some compromise out - speaking with the supervisor in charge of the project and working some compromise out Danish assorted to speaking directly with the supervisor in charge of the project. Diana on the other hand had a more complete answer to this question. She widened her horizon by suggesting help from others in the company. She also realized that it would be a waste of time trying to solve a problem that you can not finish. Lastly she considered going to the supervisor about the project. Overall Diana scored better on the interview questions because she answered most of questions in more detail and more complete. She covered most of the areas of the bench marked answers. Out of 18 marks Danish received 12 marks and Diana received 15 marks. ...read more.

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