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What are the main functions of management? How can you apply the management process in an organization? Highlight some related tools and techniques - Give examples.

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What are the main functions of management? How can you apply the management process in an organization? Highlight some related tools and techniques. Give examples. Management: a set of activities including (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) directed at an organization's resources (human, financial, physical, and information), with the aim of achieving organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner. Management process: management involves the four basic functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning: Managers have a primary responsibility for planning. In fact some managers see planning as the primary management function and think that organizing and controlling are secondary. Whatever its relative importance to other management functions, planning is essential if organizations are to achieve effective levels of performance. The ability or inability of a firm to successfully implement and adapt to the changes in the global market is linked directly to its planning system. The focus of planning: planning focuses on the future; what is to be accomplished and how. In essence, the planning function includes those managerial activities that determine objectives for the future and the appropriate means for achieving those objectives. Objectives must be set according to what is possible, given the forecasts of the future and the budgeting of resources. Depending on the size and type of organization, the number of individuals holding responsibility for planning will vary. ...read more.


Some people consider leading to be the most important and most challenging of all-managerial activities. Leading is the set of processes used to get people to work together to advance the interests of the organization for example, most experts credit Herb Kelleher 's leadership abilities as possibly the ingredient most important to his success at southwest. His employees actually want to work for him and strive to help him fulfill his vision for the firm. Leading involves a number of different processes and activities. The starting point is understanding basic individual and interpersonal processes, motivating employees and leader's efforts to influence others and communication. Controlling: the final phase of the management process is controlling, or monitoring the organization's progress toward its goals. As the organization moves toward its goals, mangers must monitor progress to ensure that it is performing in such a way as to arrive at its "destination'" at the appointed time. Controlling helps ensure the effectiveness of and efficiency needed for successful management. The basic elements of the control process are establishing standards, measure performance, compare performance against standards, consider corrective action. Hot Harley's in Hog Heaven Harley-Davidson's motorcycles have always been loud, fast and gaudy. The firm dominated the world market for large motorcycles for years. ...read more.


Then we move to the organizing step. Here we should assign the job responsibilities for each department and intern to each employee with in each department. For the academic staff they should with the best educational, personal and qualification levels. While the admission and marketing staff should possess well communications skills to deal with different people with different aspects and attitudes. Also another way of achieving the objective is to facilitate the admission procedures and time and to utilize the available resources efficiently. That seeks the existence or permanent control over the transactions and continuos feedback and evaluation to monitor how far the organization is achieving its objectives. This can be done through daily report about the admission status, which is done by the staff supervisor to the higher levels of management. While evaluating the performance of the staff any deviation from the planned objectives with in each department can easily be traced and a suitable corrective action take place. In addition to weekly meeting with the staff member to discuss any new ideas or problems faced the staff during their work and how they can overcome these problem within the available resources. these course of actions are supported by motivating and stimulating techniques to encourage the staff whether it is tangible ones(bonuses or allowances) or intangible (selecting a course to attend within the university the employee interested in). ...read more.

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