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What are the physical, social, and organisational effects of stress due to change in management and regime within modern businesses on existing employees, and how is it suppressed?

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What are the physical, social, and organisational effects of stress due to change in management and regime within modern businesses on existing employees, and how is it suppressed? Introduction Everyone experiences stress, however, each person responds to stress very differently. Their response is dependent on how each person reacts to stress emotionally, mentally, and physically. There are, however, common effects of stress for most people on the physical and mental body. In modern day, employees are stressed by their own job insecurities in the face of massive downsizing and restructuring of organizations in order to be competitive. Job stress is a topic ranging from research on the sources of stress, the effects of stress, to ways on managing and reducing stress. This report reviews the research done on the way stress effects us, and how it is a rising concern to the modern day management. Physical My first article talks about an experiment carried out by the American Heart Association. It involved 50 participants from various job categories, who underwent ambulatory monitoring on 3 days of the same working week. After they were equipped, the subjects went to their departments to follow their normal working routines. The next morning, 24 hours after the initial health department visit, the subjects returned and the monitors were removed. ...read more.


Since opinions, views, and feelings cannot always be expressed to anyone to change the current situation, there would be an accumulation of anger and frustration within the individual. Up to a certain point, the anger would be released, usually at the wrong person or time, such as colleagues, clients, or even their own family members. This symptom has an impact on society because there is a potential that it may hurt other people. Many cases of spousal abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse, are a result of overstressed employees unable to diffuse or cope with the anger and frustration building up within them. The IACP's report stated that isolation is a common side effect of working under stress. For many service practitioners, the clients that they serve do not always welcome them. A prime example would be policemen who are shunned often by the public. Over time, a feeling of isolation and rejection would get to the person. The natural thing to do would be to withdraw from others who do not understand their plight, resulting in profound human loneliness. The symptoms mentioned above are usually long-term effects. There are many other short term, psychological effects of stress that can be readily seen or felt. Organisational effects During my investigation into this topic, I have come across an eastern edition of a Wall Street journal, which talks about a study carried out in Japan by Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Company. ...read more.


Communication of management expectations can be achieved by analyzing each role in the organization to clarify priorities and resolve conflict between roles. This approach would first, clarify any ambiguity an employee may have about his/her position. Secondly, it effectively eliminates the stress from not knowing what or how much to do. Informing employees of their role expectations is only the beginning to reducing stress levels . Employee also require feedback from their performance measures. Conclusion In most average organisations, stress is taken for granted, and the dealing with it is left to the individual's own way . Stress levels are high in businesses, and the price associated with it is equally high. Stress is costly to any stakeholder in the business: the owner, the employee, the customer, etc. Small business owners and managers can implement workable strategies to prevent and reduce stress. This paper presents some of these techniques drawn from well-established human resource management methods and practices. I have investigated various aspects of stress, ranging from the physical consequences, to social and organisational stress prevention issues. Studies have proven that mental pressures at work can accumulate into harmful diseases, which in turn prevent job satisfaction, and efficiency. Given the competitive nature of modern businesses and the importance of producing and delivering high quality products and services, it is essential that the businesses take a position to reduce employee stress, identifying the organizational sources and then carrying out techniques to reduce them. ...read more.

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