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What Are the Responsibilities of the Human Resource Functions?

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What Are the Responsibilities of the Human Resource Functions? The human resource manager at Safeway is responsible for recruiting staff and also to motivate the staff. This can increase the job satisfaction. Also when motivated they can perform to highest level possible. The management also helps train and develops staff. Although this will take time and cost, it will be valuable to not only the staff but also the up coming staff in the future where they could train and develop there skills of existing employees to cope with labour shortages. The human resource department has another part at Safeway, which is the satisfaction of customers. The way in which this is done is Safeway's new policy. This involves staff wearing a badge that say 'Friendliest store in town'. Also the staff have to deal with each customer a more effective way like when being approached by a customer follow these simple steps: Smile, Greet, Help then Thank. ...read more.


Warehouse also gets full. Some businesses can recruit within the workforce and retrain existing staff rather than recruiting. But Safeway needs to recruit. This will make the organisation bigger, and extra demand means extra labour. Also vacancies can be created through resignation, retirement and dismissal. Recruitment and selection will be important to the human resources department because they will be able to identify the areas needed in the business where help is required. Also they will know how the stock levels are in the warehouse so Safeway will know what's required on the shop floor, demand for stock will not be a problem. They will also need to recruit more so it will do well in the future and also Safeway now know that if they recruit more now they will not get this problem with job shortages so the human resources department can act on this. Training and development, there is an important manpower planning which are continual review, identification and update of training and development programs. ...read more.


This also is important to human resources department because they need to know how well each employee is doing and if some of them are not doing that well than expected then they can motivate them and encourage them, either way they will act on it. This has the most responsibility because they need to stay competitive so the performance management needs to plan and set objectives to individuals. Overall in Safeway the responsibilities of the human resources functions are related to human resource planning, recruitment and selection, training and development and performance management. These are very important to the success of Safeway and in achieving their objectives because, this is how the organisation is organised and controlled. Without these the business will collapse because they will not be able to see the faults of the business clearly and cannot see if help is required in areas of the business. Also it is an excellent way of assessing the performance of Safeway and is good for the future. Jaspal Johal Unit 4: human resources E1 1 ...read more.

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