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What aspects of Cadbury Schweppes marketing have ensured they retain their market leadership and how has ICT contributed to this success?

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What aspects of Cadbury Schweppes marketing have ensured they retain their market leadership and how has ICT contributed to this success? Introduction The following report discusses how Cadbury Schweppes have used the Marketing Mix and ICT to retain their market leadership. Methodology The first thing I did was to design a questionnaire on Consumer habits. This is a form of primary research. In this questionnaire I included questions like "how often do you buy chocolate" and then gave a choice between so many different answers. With this questionnaire I have found out that most people are influenced by TV-adverts and most people respond to Special promotions? Next we went on a visit to the Cadbury factory. The Cadbury factory is located in Bourneville, Birmingham. Cadbury Schweppes buys its high quality cocoa beans from a country in West Africa called Ghana and Malaysia. Then they are processed at their highly technical cocoa factory, which can be found in Chirk North Wales. We found out that Cadbury Schweppes chocolate production is a computer controlled process, with much of the new specialist machinery being produced to Cadbury's own design and specification. ...read more.


They also use a Just-in-time system, which is controlled by computers. This is when the new materials are delivered just before they are needed. This is good because they will not use much storage for long and it is more cost effective. Cadbury Schweppes now use Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) which is where computers are used all the time, from the design of the product and the components, through all the different stages of production, including quality control, to delivery of the finished goods. They also use computers to control the temperature of the chocolate and to pour the chocolate into the moulds. Computers are also used to make the wrappers and to pack them. They use spreadsheets for the company accounts. They advertise on websites where millions of people can see and they also use computers for the movement of the characters on the Coronation Street advert. Questionnaire I designed 20 questionnaires and handed them out to different people. I wrote my questionnaire about Cadburys chocolate. I asked questions like: What is your favourite brand of chocolate? And Are you influenced by TV adverts for chocolate? And I put in some answer boxes there to help answer the questions. ...read more.


The computers are also good for keeping the accounts and things like that. Also Cadbury Schweppes wont need as many employers because the computers will do all the work, all they need workers for is to make sure that they are working ok and to fix them if they were to break down. We heard on the news that Cadbury Schweppes are facing some problems at the moment and will have to make 10% of their workers redundant over the next 12 months. This is because of the competition and the slight drop in sales. The idea was that making some of the workers redundant they would have fewer overheads to pay, but the worker needs to work more efficiently. Cadbury Schweppes could also use ICT in a niche market to make special bars for weight watchers or diabetics. And they use ICT for advertising like the animation on the Coronation Street advert or to advertise on the internet. I think that the use of ICT at Cadbury Schweppes is good and should be further developed to help raise the profits and standards of the company. Kris Anderson Business Studies Coursework ...read more.

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