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What factors might stop my business from being succsessful

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What factors might stop my business from being successful? The main aspect that may stop my business from being successful is competition. This is because most areas in North Harrow do sell ice-creams and deserts and those shops can be well known by people within the area so it may help reduce the amount of customers coming to Jay's dessert and treat parlor. There are many ways of dealing with this problem. Firstly I could make my customer service better by employing friendlier staff in the hope that customers will be satisfied with the service provided and therefore will hopefully visit Jay's dessert and treat palor again. ...read more.


The purchase of raw materials is an important factor when running the business as I will need to ensure that I have enough to make my ice creams and desserts with to sell to my customers. However this problem can be solved by purchasing cheaper raw materials and although this may lower the quality of the food that I am selling, in the long run it will save me quite a bundle of money. An alternative method that I could resort to here without reducing the quality of the ice creams and desserts I am selling is to take out a loan. ...read more.


Both of the above factors can also reduce the chances of me being able to expand my business and it may also lead to insolvency. The last factor that may affect the success of my business is planning permission. This is because if I do not get planning permission for the shop front of my business then I may face certain consequences as if the building is not constructed properly or it is build on private land my business may suffer in the future as the building may have to be reconstructed. ...read more.

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