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What human resources do?

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Task 2 how business work What human resources do? The are lots of duties and responsibilities of human resource department like make sure that the right person is doing the right job. One thing human resource do is interview people they do the contract of employment, so if he walks out on the firm without some may weeks notices, they don't get paid if they, do they sort out salaries and bonuses for workers they make sure, that the act 1974 of health and, safety is right human resources can, discipline and dismiss worker only if they have a reason and if the law looks at why they got sack. They organise replacement workers if the full time worker is ill for a long-time and make sure, that they get paid. Firms get human resource to recruit workers what most business do is you go there and get a application form fill that in then go back for a interview this is what hammer and tongs do. A plan to show how human resources recruitment process. Retention Introduction My task was to explain what retention means. And explain why this is important to hammer and tongs. Retention Means when a company wants to keep their staff instead of replacing staff, or the other way around. Some company has a high turnover of staff because they need new blood. There are some benefits and cost of a high turnover of staff. Benefits New blood New ideas and opinions Costs Expensive training Expensive adverting Interview cost time and money Why is this important to hammer and tong Retention could help any company by bring new workers in may they might be better than the old ones by new blood which all companies need new ideas could help the company allot. ...read more.


We use division of labor in our team hammer and tong do this because in is cheaper to do this because if you have division of labor you can hire people for lower wage. What production does? The purchasing department in hammer and tong buy the raw material, which are needed to make the product. They are to make sure the stock are kept up they buy the best material for the job they also know how much storage space we have at hammer and tongs so we cant keep to much or we could lose a lot of money. At hammer and tongs they have there our own designer's team they are also a part of the production team. They keep a keen eye out to see what the competitions are doing, what the latest technology is and what they aim to bring out in next few years. The design teams at hammer and tongs are very busy all year the design team works 6 months ahead. Production manager Specification To be production manager there are many skill you need like: * Good communication * Good at persuade and influence people * Initiative and the ability to priorities * Make good decisions quickly and set targets * Good problem solving skill which is essential * You will need good standard of numerically and the ability to apply forward planning techniques * Meet dead line/good timekeeping * Work good under pressure * 2 A levels and GCSEs (A to C) Job description Production managers must be able to organize workers and materials in manufacturing industry. ...read more.


* Good numerically and communication * Self confidence and persistence Memo To: All departments From: manager and HRM Memo We are to have a meeting about our new product gardening tools. We are hoping that everyone will come its on 1 may 2006. We will explain what each department will do and how we think it will take off. This is how it will work: What sort of tools would children want, the marketing department will be doing this the activity is market research, how they will do this they will need to do a survey to find out what children want and to look at what completion is doing. How do we make these tool the design team will do this activity involved is design they will look at what marketing research got and then design tools what children want. There will be new staff hired so they can make them finance and HRM will do this. Marketing wills tell us how much we will sell the product for after they have look at prices elsewhere. Will the gardening tools make a profit the finance team will look at this is called costing and financial planing, they will need to work out the cost of each tool and estimate sales income. We will go ahead with this because ti could bring lots of profit from the tools. If we need to make I bigger factory we will and production planning will do this better machine. We will make our design team come up with catching packaging and low prices. Marketing team will get readied of the tools this is called distribution to customers. Michael Ireland 10dr Page 1 ...read more.

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