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What is Active Encouragement?

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What is Active Encouragement? Active Encouragement is one of the most powerful motivators and change agents available-equally effective in all personal and business areas. The deliberate or planned use of encouragement to achieve a goal. Can take physical from such as memos, awards or present or non-physical forms such as compliments. Receivers of active encouragement are seldom aware that someone is "encouraging" them, however they will be positively affected. Sales management is focused on managing an efficient sales-team and achieves high sales volume. It is important to recognize the fact that when customers buy our products, they are actually purchasing the tangible clue. For example, people buy cars are searching for transport means; another purchasing a massager is in urge for comfort. ...read more.


A real estate agent will find himself able to convince the property owner to sign exclusive by first who are proud of their work although they may be moving out. One has to determine what is important in their perception in order to apply active encouragement and to prevent any insincere compliments. In a doctor's room, full of family pictures taken on several outings show the strong family concept that doctor has with his family. Complimenting on a rare picture in a customer's office is a good way of breaking the ice especially meeting for the first time. Encouragement showered on job done shows the appreciation of efforts put in. Good behaviors are reinforced and are likely to be repeated and increase performance. ...read more.


Tied to the office adds to their tension. Active encouragement from salespeople displays the respect earned and confidence from the team. Facing rejection practically everyday, a salesperson has to encourage himself/herself and pick up before approaching another difficult customer. Only an optimistic person can sincerely motivate other, just like a mirror reflection. Recognizing the need of sense of importance according to Dale Carnegie's 8 levels of needs, active encouragement works psychologically. No matter a small-sized company to a large organization, active encouragement works. Be it a jewellery shop, supermarket or industrial small business, customers want to purchase from someone who has their best interests at heart. Motivated unconsciously, they keep coming back with repeat sales. Active encouragement is an effective marketing tools in addition to the 4Ps, increases performance and profitability. There seems no good reason why we are not practicing active encouragement in our daily life! ...read more.

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