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What is customer service in Leisure and Tourism?

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What is customer service in Leisure and Tourism? According to Colins leisure and tourism customer service involves all contact the customer as well as products and services the organisation offers. More simply it is putting the customer first and seeing the problem from their point of view. This can range from direct, face to face contact, to talking over a telephone or even replying to letters .Bad customer service can lead to a customer not wishing to use the service or buy the product again. Customer services can be a difficult job as many customers can be awkward or angry; being approached by and unpleasant or angry customer could tempt you to respond badly. Types of Customer. The Leisure and Tourism industries offer a very wide range of products and services. These each appeal to a different type of customer. In each part of the industry you will find many varieties of customer needs. * Individuals. These are dealt with on a one to one basis. If you work on a reception desk you deal with many individuals. These people require your attention. Individuals often have different needs. * Groups. In Leisure and Tourism you have to communicate with groups of people. Guides in many attractions show groups around, this saves time but special skills are required. Guides may first work with a group and then with individuals. * Personal Case Study. In quasar group games were different as they allow more people on a team and games are more frequent, also if a group is booked in only the group can play. * People of different ages. When working in the leisure and tourism industry, you meet a variety of people from different age groups. Age groups are- Children: Babies, Toddlers, Older children, Teenagers. Adults: Young adults, Middle-aged, Senior citizens. It is important to remember these groups will have different needs. In this case you will need to satisfy all age groups, children make up a large percentage of the leisure industries customers; therefore it pays to accommodate them. ...read more.


Males staff. Female staff Hair- short, clean, no hair gel. Hair- clean, tied back if below shoulders. Jewellery- wedding ring only. Jewellery- wedding ring, small ear rings. Make up- none. Make up- subtle. Hands- clean, well manicured nails. Hands- clean, well manicured. Shoes- black polished, dark socks. Shoes- black, polished, black or natural coloured tights or stockings. This is the uniform for Go-Europe Travel employees. Personality. The word personality simply means having a distinctive character. However, we usually use it in a positive way, as in "he has lots of personality" meaning the person is likeable or outgoing and good to be around. In giving excellent customer service it is important for people to see you as a person who has a caring personality. Of course, different jobs require different sorts of personality. This is how interviewers know what sort of person they are after for a job and have a clear image of who it is they will employ. Attitude and Behaviour. Your attitude and behaviour towards the customers are a very important part of your overall personal presentation. Customers are very sensitive to how staff react and behave towards them. Very often it will seem a shop assistant or similar just isn't interested. This means no matter how good the product is the customer will not feel satisfied. The best things to do to ensure the customer is satisfied: * Attend to them straight away * Show interest in what they say * Ask them questions to make sure that you know exactly what they want * Avoid distraction by concentrating on the customers at all times when serving them * Be friendly and encouraging * Smile It is important to understand that all aspects personal presentation - dress, hygiene, and behaviour - apply to any customer service situation, whether you are dealing with the customers face to face, over the telephone or in writing. ...read more.


For example, a customer may request a taxi, this may not be possible if the company has no outside phone line. However if there is a taxi rank nearby then the customer could be directed to this to save them time in finding it. Work experience. During my work experience I was involved in many customer service activities, mainly involving serving a customer or offering them some other service. This is my diary of customer service at Riley's snooker club, Day 1 - On day 1 I was involved in an initiation programme detailing how to handle customers and also about health and safety. I provided a service to the customers by cleaning snooker tables and fixing broken snooker cues. Day 2 - On day 2 I stocked drinks and served non-alcoholic beverages to customers and booked tables. I later cleaned some more of the tables and cooked food in the kitchen. Day 3 - On day 3 I stocked the drinks, and cleaned the remaining tables. I then helped serve drinks although it was quiet and I didn't have much else to do. Day 4 - On day 4 I delivered leaflets to the local cachment area and finished my shift serving drinks. Day 5 - Day 5 was the night shift in which I spent doing waiter service, I carried drinks and food to the customers where they were playing snooker and gave out sandwiches (provided free by the establishment). This shows the skills I had to learn whilst in the establishment concerning customer services. Previous to this I had never served customers or waited on tables, also I had to learn other skills such as how to clean snooker tables and how to stock drinks properly (as improper stocking leads to prosecution). Types of customers at Riley's. At Riley's there were mainly individual males as customers, however the company also targeted young people, families and groups. It may have been beneficial for the company to target businessmen also but this aspect would require the place re-working ...read more.

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