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What is Customer Service?

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E1- What is Customer Service? Many business organisations have different definitions of customer service. For example, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, "Customer Service is what your business delivers to achieve customer satisfaction". Another example is, according to the ACA Group, "Customer service is the ability of an organisation to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need". All business organisations need to make certain that their customers are satisfied with the service they receive because; customers are the most important part of any successful organisations. Businesses such as, Barclays aim to exceed customer expectation in order to ensure that customers enjoy themselves, leave having enjoyed themselves and return in the coming future. Good customer service makes customers satisfied by fulfilling their needs first. Good customer service requires all staff to place themselves in the position of their customers. All staff should be aware of how they would like to be treated if, they were a customer, and deal their customers, for that reason. All business organisations should complete the A.R.T. of great service, to carry out a good customer service: pproachable- An organisation must create an open and friendly environment that will influence customers to come in with self-assurance so that, their matter can be dealt with. ...read more.


different types of help their customers might need > make sure staff are trained, equipped and available to provide it Providing credit facilities Individuals often require credit to purchase expensive items, such as a car. Without this facility, customers may not able to buy the item and the organisation will not make a sale. Credit and private individuals Private individuals can pay items they purchase in cash, by cheque, or on accredit. There are three methods to obtain a credit: 1. Paying by credit card- The holder of the card can use it to pay off the debt altogether the following month, or spread the payment over the new few months. This method is not appropriate for very expensive items, which go beyond the buyer's credit limit. 2. Paying in instalments on direct debit- The creditor could plan to pay over insurance during the year instead of paying 12 months' insurance, at once. The insurance company will add an interest charge to the creditor's bill so that, the creditor will pay more using this method. 3. Borrowing money by taking out a loan- The creditor can borrow money by taking out a loan from a bank, such as Barclays or from a finance company. They will add an interest charge for each year of the loan. ...read more.


Handling and dealing with Complaints Many businesses listen to customer complaints for the following four reasons: 1. Development- For example, if there is a problem with their product or service they can improve it 2. Loyalty- For example, to be faithful to the customers 3. Lost customers-For example, to encourage dissatisfied customers to complain 4. Employees- For example, to give staff training, to deal with complaints and problems quickly When receiving a complaint from an unhappy customer, the business must carry out the following: > Listen to the customer's story > Ask for invoice/receipt to show date of purchase > If customers is angry, report to a manager > Examine the product When dealing a complaint from an unhappy customer, the business must carry out the following: > Advise customers of their views such as, legal requirements > Make an offers to customer such as, refunds or replacements > Give a receipt for products > Write on credit note any expiry date Many businesses record customer complaints so that, they can review the matter, and to improve its customer service. Details of each complaint can be recorded in several ways. For example, IKEA records all telephone complaints and directs them to the call centre at Stockport. Details of each complaint can be recorded onto the computer. Also, details of each complaint can also be recorded onto the 'Customer Complaint Form'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 10: Customer Service Created by Baljinder Duhra - 19 - ...read more.

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