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What is management?

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WHAT IS MANAGEMENT? Introduction Recently, it is undeniable that management has become the most important factor, which effect the company whether will be successful or not. Effective management not only can help company deal with inner affair of company more effective, but also can help company earn more profit in the competition. Now more and more companies have thus far learn management to gain benefits in what will become the strategy of business in future. Definition Management definitions of what management is exist. In the early twentieth century, Henri Fayol defined it as the process of 'forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling'. E.F.L. Brech called it 'the social process of planning, coordination, control and motivation' (Richard Pettinger 1997). In our group's opinion, it is clear that management is partly the process of getting the objective of organization thought people. At the same time, it must effectively plan, organize, lead and control resources of organization in specifically situation. Basically management has involves four basic processes planning, organizing, influencing and controlling. The process of management Now I am working in Royal Mail, as the part time employee, I learned not just how to deal with the mails, the most important is that I understood what the management is. ...read more.


The classical school of management thought The classical school of management thought emphasizes methods of production and managing workers. Employers and employees have a shared goal in economic gain (lecture outline). The strongly exponent of this theory was the "the father of scientific management." Fredrick Taylor. He considered developing scientific management, resting on "well recognized, clearly defined and fixed principles, instead of depending on more or less hazy ideas." (Hicks & Gullett 1981). And he gave famous four principles of scientific management. It was very effective for the management at that time. First, the development of science; second, the scientific selection and progressive development of the workmen; third, the bring of the science and the scientifically selected and trained men together, and fourth, the constant and intimate cooperation which always occurs between the men on the management's side and the worker ( Hicks & Gullett 1981). From Taylor' point of view, he considered improving labor productivity is the major question, it can integrate higher wage and lower cost, also it can make employer get more profit and employee get higher salary. For instance, as the employee of Royal mail, we employees viewed as 'machines', All today's works are planned by manager; manager would select one of members in our group as example. ...read more.


System can help managers to look at the organization from a broader perspective. And it has brought a new perspective for managers to interpret patterns and events in the workplace. Further, manager can set down different policies to deal with more particular problems through the feedback. Not only it can improve output of company, but also it can manage the organizations and employees better. Conclusion To sum up, management is the process of accomplishing the company objective, and effectively deal with planning, organizing, leading and controlling resources of organization in specifically situation. Management impinges on all aspects of our life. It is know that no matter in any field, we all need effective management to accomplish goal. Along with social and economic development, management theory also will be change. New management theory or new management mode will be more consummate. At the same time, managers will face many challenging which how to deal with the problems of management more effectively and correctly now. As a business management student, I think the most important thing is learn how to develop a management thinking, how to make a sensible decision in different situation and how to use management skills to solve the problems. That is what I am lacking. To be an excellent management talent, I still need more time to learn more management knowledge and skill from books and practices. In other words, without management, our activities will be seemed as ineffective. ...read more.

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