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What is meant by the term Customer Service?

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What is meant by the term Customer Service? Customer service means providing customers with what they want. Without good customer service, customers will not return. To provide excellent customer service you should do the following * Put yourself into the place of the customer (think how you would like to be treated) * Customers needs should be put first * Come up with ideas of how you can improve Customer Service This may involve direct contact, such as when you are dealing with a customer face to face, or indirect contact for example dealing with a letter of complaint. The key to good customer service is to learn from your experiences. Customer service at Manchester airport Like any other business, customer service at Manchester airport is so important. Customer service is made of:- * Contact with customers (direct and indirect) * Products and services * Policies and procedures * Systems and processes Good customer service basically means caring for customers, the last thing customers want when going on holiday is bad customer service. ...read more.


Hearing Difficulties Please ask airport staff for help as many are trained in sign language. Signs throughout the airport are available to assist you. Using the "T" position on your hearing aid, you can receive additional announcements when standing next to the induction loops, marked with an ear. Baby Changing Facilities These are located in all three terminals close to or inside the ladies toilets. Feeding Children This is made as easy as possible within the airport, as all restaurants and cafes provide high chairs and most offer food suitable for children. The Playcare Centre This dedicated area offers a chance for young children to play or watch TV in a special children's area. Located in the departure lounge in Terminal 1 and open 24 hours a day. Children need to be supervised by parents at all times. Art Desks Located at most eating areas; these enable children to colour in and play. NHS Walk-in Centre Located in the walkway between Terminals 1 and 3 the dedicated staff offers first aid and advice to all passengers free of charge. ...read more.


31 - 44 ? 45 - 50 ? 51 - 64 ? 65+ ? Q3 How many times have the visited Manchester airport? 1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 5 - 9 ? 10+ ? Q4 What do you think about the facilities provided? Terrible ? Below Average ? Average ? Above average ? Very Good ? Excellent ? Q5 Have you been to any other airport? Birmingham ? Gatwick ? East Midlands ? Cardiff ? Glasgow ? Stanstead ? Heathrow ? Others ? Please state_____________________________________ Q6 Why are you at the airport today? Holiday ? See a friend or relative off ? Plane watching ? Q7 What is your favorite shop at the airport? WHSmith ? All: sport ? Monsoon ? Boots ? Thornton's ? Other ? please state__________________________________________________ Q8 What is your favorite place to get food at the airport? The food village ? Burger king ? Millie's cookies ? Harry Ramsden ? Others ? please state__________________________________________________ Q9 Does your flight have a delay? Yes ? No ? Are not flying ? Q10 Overall opinion of Manchester airport Terrible ? Below Average ? Average ? Above average ? Very Good ? Excellent ? Views of customers Views of staff ...read more.

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