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'What is the attitudes of the employees towards the various selection methods'.

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Research Proposal (Produce an ideal research proposal for a given title) Title: 'What is the attitudes of the employees towards the various selection methods' Due Date: 25th November, 2002 Problem Outline The reason for this study is that the organisation is looking to expand the business by opening up new outlets. This was proposed as a strategic plan by the organisations two owners, to take place within two years. They propose opening five new outlets including one in Manchester, Birmingham, and so forth. We already have a good strong base in four of the major cities, and they consider the current selection methods we utilise as adequate for now. However they feel that new and improved methods should be used in order to get the correct staff for these new factories, and in the already established factories, due to the financial risk of failure. The rationale for this study is supported by the Company Directors, who wish to introduce a new protocol for the company's selection process, but would like to know what the employee's attitudes towards the current selection process are, and secondly towards other selection methods that the company may wish to utilise. Thus the role of this research will be first to assess the current selection methods of the simple C.V and interview, in the minds of the employees that make use of these methods, who are the HRM and Personnel Department, and Management. ...read more.


Analysis will include parametric descriptive tests (t-test, One-way ANOVA and so forth), a comparison of means, and Non parametric tests (Chi Square). All tests will be made at the 5% significance level. Ethical Issues Protection is the key issue in this case, both of the organisation and the individuals that agree to take part in the research. It is crucial that the organisations image/reputation be held with high regard by the researcher should the research highlight any underlying issues that may impact the organisation and the organisational performance. To ensure this the researcher/ researchers must enter a written contract drawn up by the organisation's lawyer that covers disclosure issues and the potential for any publication of the results/findings in the future. It is also important that the researcher assures the participants of the focus groups/interviews that all views expressed will be strictly confidential and in no circumstance will their details be revealed to others within the organisation. To cover these issues the researcher will produce a contract to cover disclosure issues. A copy of this contract will be presented to the individuals involved in the focus groups/interviews to explain the confidentiality issues. For the surveys a strict standard of anonymity will be applied. Surveys will be completed anonymously and returned by internal mail. A letter will be attached to every survey to explain the purpose of the research and the issues around anonymity and confidentiality. ...read more.


o What do you think of the various selection methods, such as....? o Have you ever had past problems with any of the various selection methods the organisation selection process? o Can you describe any ways you feel the organisation can improve their current selection process? Survey As described in the literature review the key individuals involved in selection are from HRM and Personnel Departments, as well as Management, therefore a questionnaire will be distributed to all that fall in those categories. Due to this and the fact that the individuals are from differing regions, experience, and so forth, the questionnaire will include demographic information on each respondent. This information should include respondent age, gender, length of service, department, area and grade or rank. This list may be added to after the focus groups/interviews. From the focus groups and interviews analysis, a series of statements will be generated about each of the selection methods. These will be listed alongside a 5-point Likert Scale (level of agreement). To encourage a high return a maximum of 10 statements will be generated for each selection method, and a ceiling level of 50 statements in total. Most statements will be regenerated for each of the methods. All questionnaires will be e-mailed (Selwyn,N 1998), via the company intra-net accompanied by a letter explaining the relevance of the research, as well as that confidentiality will be assured. Failing good response all questionnaires will be mailed via the in-house mailing system, and will include an addressed seal-able return envelope, along with the letter previously mentioned. ...read more.

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